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Chess secrets and techniques is a sequence of books which discover the mysteries of crucial points of chess: technique, assault, starting play and gambits, classical play, endgames and guidance. In each one e-book the writer reviews a couple of nice avid gamers from chess background who've excelled in a specific box of the sport and who've undeniably stimulated those that have undefined.

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Here, Black might first have driven White's king back by playing 49 . . Ral + ; but this would not have made any difference. Bb7-c81 49 .... The; g-pawn is White's main trump ! SO Nd3-eS+ Kf7-f8 S l RfSxgS Black's position appears hopeless, due to the threat of f6-f7 . . Ra3xaS ! I 51 White loses his last queenable pawn by force, and the draw become inevitab le. 59 5 2 Ne5·d7+ 5 3 Rg5xa5 54 55 56 57 58 Kd2-e 3 Ke3·f4 Ra5·a7 Kf4-g5 Kg5xh4 Bc8xd7 Bd7xg4 Bg4-e6 Be6-c4 h7·h 5 h5·h4 Bc4-b3 This is a theoretically drawn position, known to many endgame handbooks.

Qxd6 2 6 QxfS + Kg8 27 Qf7+ K L S 28 Nxe6 BeS (or 28 . . Rg8 2 9 Qh S + ) 2 9 Qx b 7 , giving White a deci�ive material advantage. 20 BxdS exd 2 1 Re71 The strongest, and perhaps the only continuation. Black's position is not so bad as it appears at first glance. White's queenside has been exterminated ; 44 and while Black's center pawns may be doubled, they are nevertheless strortg. White's paradoxical idea is to force the trade of his active rook for the passive enemy rook, in order to entice Black's king into the danger zone.

NaS 18 Qfl ! Bg6 19 Rae 1 is dubious) 18 h4 hS would give Black good counterplay. White surrenders one of his bishops, but gains still more territory. Qc7x c 6 17 •... Qc6-e8 ! 18 Nf3-eS Euwe defends very resourcefully. 1 9 g4 would now be met by l 9 . . Bf6 20 RdS bS (or even 20 . . Bg6 2 1 Rxc S RxcS 22 QxcS BxeS 2 3 QxeS QxeS 24 BxeS f6), and Black is out of the woods. 19 Rdl-dS Rc8- d8 1 9 .... This was played too cautiously; as often happens in such cases, Black's po­ sition should have been the worse for it.

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