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By Ken Dowden, Niall Livingstone

A spouse to Greek Mythology offers a sequence of essays that discover the phenomenon of Greek fantasy from its origins in shared Indo-European tale styles and the Greeks’ contacts with their japanese Mediterranean neighbours via its improvement as a shared language and thought-system for the Greco-Roman world.

  • Features essays from a prestigious overseas group of literary experts
  • Includes insurance of Greek myth’s intersection with historical past, philosophy and religion
  • Introduces readers to themes in mythology which are frequently inaccessible to non-specialists
  • Addresses the Hellenistic and Roman classes in addition to Archaic and Classical Greece

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27). These chapters are both characterized by a sense of the huge variety of thinkers and writers whose variety and interrelationships need to be made intelligible. That is also the challenge posed by trying to master ‘psychoanalysis’ as though it was one thing. The story of psychoanalysis unfolded by Armstrong (CH. 25) is itself riven by factions and complicated by variants: was Oedipus too negative an example? should we have turned improvingly instead to Odysseus’ very healthy relationship with Telemachos?

1). Dowden has learnt that the wickedness of initiation theory is to propose an almost ‘Kuhnian paradigm’,42 but perversely has come to the view that the theories of Kuhn (1996) – about scientific revolutions and ‘paradigm shifts’ – are not at all a bad way of viewing the sudden shifts in the kaleidoscope of thought about myth as one generation of scholars succeeds another (Dowden 2011). We need to understand how theories are made, how they decay, and why they so engage our energies. Mythology is arguably the finest scenario for this Kuhnian drama.

Fact and fiction in the New Mythology: 100 BC–AD 100’, in J. R. Morgan, I. Repath (eds), ‘Where the Truth Lies’: Lies and Metafiction in Ancient Literature, Groningen. 38. See Borg (2004), in which several essays are of interest to the student of mythology. 39. Bachofen (1861, 1967). 40. Lefkowitz and Rogers (1996), and the riposte of Bernal (2001). 41. Kirk (1970 and especially 1974); Leach (1974: ch. 4). 42. Dodd and Faraone (2003: xiv). 43. This is Meyer et al. indd 25 2/2/2011 9:44:37 AM CHAPTER TWO Homer’s Use of Myth Françoise Létoublon Epic and Mythology The epics of Homer1 are probably the oldest Greek literary texts that we have,2 and their subject is select episodes from the Trojan War.

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