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Indeed, it is 38 AFRICAN POSTCOLONIAL MODERNITY more appropriate to commence an investigation of informality as a way of life within a much broader conceptual and historical framework. In other words, it makes some sense to study processes of informalization at the juncture at which the colonial imperative sought to transform the Weltanschauungen of subject peoples. Ultimately, formal engagements with discourses of African urban spaces ought to move beyond mere formalisms in order to address how nonformalized spaces and actors remake themselves.

There is no sanitation and refuse disposal is not systematic. Water is drawn from a few viable wells in the area. Outbreaks of cholera sometimes occur. Bold women dance into the night as they flout the Islamic injunctions concerning the sequestration of the female sex while impoverished street urchins watch. At five o’clock in the morning there is the inevitable call to prayer as droves of trucks head north and south simultaneously. There are several northern communities just like the one in Ojoo in all parts of the federation that constitute both the margins and centre of Islamic life, that inscribe into the heart of exclusionary Islamism forms of secularism and also of cosmopolitanism.

The public domain in Africa is usually devoid of accountability and responsibility, in other words, it is a domain that conflates the parameters of the public and the private and in which modern notions of sovereignty and citizenship are still in violent and ill-defined 20 AFRICAN POSTCOLONIAL MODERNITY contestation with the most basic forms of communalism/mutualism. ”11 Politics as represented in the Athenian demos is in a constant struggle with philosophy. ”12 This question undoubtedly infuses the political realm with ethical dimensions it would not have had otherwise.

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