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However, the increased pressure on the d5-pawn encourages Black to surrender the center to White. Qxc4 0-0 Black now hopes to gain a lead in development and use the slightly exposed position of the White queen to develop some initiative. e4 I have formed the opinion over the years that ceding Karpov a spatial advantage (especially in the center), really plays into his forte. He is extremely adept at neutralizing the temporary Black activity and then slowly squeezing the life out of the Black position.

Fxe3 Bh6 Attempting to utilize the weakness of the White pawn on e3 to generate a counterattack against the White king based on the combined power of the Black bishop pair. com/SmartChessOnline/SmartChessOnline/archive/Articles/ron2... Nce4 This allows the White queen to enter back into the action, and laterally defend the e3-pawn. Rdg1. Qd7 At last Black is able to develop his queen! Kd2! Qc3). Qxg6 With the text Leko protects his bishop on h6 and increases the pressure on the White knight pair.

Nc3! Nxd1 and Black is better. Rd2? Ra8 Qxg2+! Rxf1 R8c2 and Black wins. com/SmartChessOnline/SmartChessOnline/September%201997/...

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