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I)" The renowned Prince, the glorious King leads the cornpany of His thanes [to use the untranslatable Old English word], that dear troop, to Bethany. On the feast day they did not slight the word of their Teacher, their Gold-Giver" which of these two epithets expressed more to the poet? - "Soon were the heroes with their Lord in the holy city where their Glory-Giver revealed to thern many signs in parables" 2) "Histhanespraised Hirn, loved Hirn gratefully, the Lord oflife, the Father of created things.

39-43. 60-69. 3 34 the hilderincas, the "battle-heroes", represented as a strife in which the young hero sinks down, weary to death, cut even the cross which is felled on the edge of the forest, dragged to the mountain, pierced with nails and arröws, and buried, has to suffer all these indignities at the hands of strange feondas, "strong enemies". The Cross itself is a faithful thane of Christ, the weruda god, the "God of troops", whose assailants it would like to crush. And in the evening the men who keep watch by the fallen hero sing the death-song in true Germanie fashion.

The sparrow flies in through one door, tarries for a moment in the light and the warmth of the fire, and flies out again through the other into the winter-darkness whence it came. If this new teaching teIls us something certain of this darkness, let us follow it" I). That was the strength of Christendom. Howsoever rich in gifts, howsoever fortunate in the favour ofthe earthly master, for every one, even for the lord, thehourofexilemust come, and the shadow of its approach cast itself over festival and song of triumph.

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