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"This is a advisor to the archaeology of the British Isles, from the Ice Age to the medieval interval. starting with an creation to the tools and methods of contemporary archaeology, the writer strikes directly to conceal the archaeology of the British Isles, facing such questions as: whilst the British Isles have been first inhabited; how the good Neolithic monuments have been deliberate and outfitted; and the impression of the Roman Conquest. The advisor is finished through a close gazetteer of 468 websites that may be visited."

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When maps of the find spots for these distinctive axes are plotted they can be seen to have been widely distributed throughout the British Isles. It is a trade that even seems to have had an international dimension, for axes made from an attractive green jadeite have been discovered right across Europe, from Britain to northern Italy. Although finely made, these specimens are rather too thin to be functional and were probably status symbols coveted by chieftains for the prestige they could bestow.

Initially flint was simply gathered for immediate use from wherever nodules outcropped on the surface. But it was not long before communities living near high-quality sources of flint organized themselves to mine and trade their surplus production with other, less well endowed regions. Mines have been discovered at several places in south and east England. 2800–1800 be and continued in production during the early Bronze Age until the demand for flint dried up (28). Miners used a standard Neolithic tool, the antler pick, to dig shafts down into the chalk to reach the best seams of flint.

Unfortunately, as none of the facial bones survived we cannot reconstruct what it looked like, although from the general appearance it seems that ‘Swanscombe Man’ was actually a woman in her early twenties. A similar, but more complete, skull that was discovered in deposits of a comparable age at Steinheim, near Stuttgart (Germany), had prominent brow ridges and a receding forehead. Taken together all the evidence seems to imply that the remains belonged to an early, slightly primitive, representative of Homo sapiens, our own species.

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