Lucia Athanassaki, Ewen Bowie's Archaic and Classical Choral Song: Performance, Politics and PDF

By Lucia Athanassaki, Ewen Bowie

This publication addresses the functionality and dissemination of Greek poems of the 7th to the 5th centuries BC whose premieres have been provided by way of a refrain making a song in a ritual context or in secular celebrations of athletic victories. It explores how choruses offered themselves; individuals´ and communities´ roles in investment performances and securing the circulate of texts; how performances persevered inside and out family members and town, no matter if chorally or in symposia; and the way such performances contributed to transmission of the poems´ texts until eventually they have been accrued by way of Hellenistic students.

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5 On these refrains cf. Alexiou 2002, 12–13, 131–7. Reflections of choral song in early hexameter poetry 25 These professional mourners, who are men, are similar to those mentioned by later authors, and there seems to be a distinction between such formalised dirges and the more spontaneous laments of relatives or friends. 6 It is not clear whether these ἀοιδοί sang as a choir, but later θρῆνοι were choral. As we saw, at Achilles’ funeral the Muses sing as a group, probably antiphonally, whilst the Nereids lament.

Col. iv [ ] [ [ __[ ] ] ] 35 80 85 90 95 100 105 2. 1 Like the other such questions he asked (Who was Hecuba's mother? ) the form and content of the Sirens' song were clearly things that investigation of extant Greek literature left obscure: the grammatici in Tiberius' entourage were baffled despite, presumably, access to the libraries of Rome and, through their personal connections, Athens, Pergamum and Alexandria.

Wegner 1968, 22–4, 38–40, and in general cf. also West 1992, 122–6. 30 Nicholas Richardson ἥν τ’ αὐτοῦ γενεὴν ὀνομακλυτὸν ἐξονομάζων ἀμφιπόλους τε γέραιρε καὶ ἀγλαὰ δώματα νύμφης, καὶ τρίποδας κατὰ οἶκον ἐπηετανούς τε λέβητας. 60 (Hom. Hymn to Hermes 52–61) But when he had made it he carried the lovely plaything, and tried it in tuneful scale with the plectrum. [55] At the touch of his hand it rang out with awesome sound; and the god sang beautifully to it, testing it out impromptu, even as young men in their prime make mocking jests at feasts.

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