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215. Kosman (1984) (pg 144) remarks, "Aristotle cornpares asking for an explanation of why potentiality and actuality are one with asking for an explanation of why anything is one. No answer is needed . " This is the consequence of making being and unity convertible terms. 47 the final analysis) by the Unmoved Mover. Hence there is a causal relationship, albeit a remote one, between the Unrnoved Mover and the unity and being of the concrete particular. " ' ~ h i s suggests sornething about the nature of substance itself, namely that the 9ormaln side of substance is a source or cause of unity in particular beings.

Should 1 point out that Aristotle accuses Platonisrn of falling into the trap of Parmenideanism in participation and separation, generally, in virtue the Platonic hierarchy that virtue of of separation and or more metaphysical its complement, participation, entails. I shall have more to Say on this in the next chapter. 1 point it out here because it helps us to see that there is a continuity of concern with exactly what to do with being and unity in metaphysical conceptual schemes that in very important ways begins wi th Parmenides.

1038b8-17) Unlike a universal, a substance is never predicated of anything e l s e . Since unity and being are predicated of everything, unity cannot be a substance nor can being. But if they are not substantial, then they camot be separate in the w a y that the Platonic metaphysical '1n its context, this passage s e t s up the topic we shall examine directly, namely that the Platonic metaphysical hierarchy irnplies Parmenideanism. hierarchy requires. The question of substantiality is addressed at 12 : If then no universal can be a substance , as has been said in our discussion of substance and being [ O V T O C ] , and if being itself cannot be a substance in the sense of a one apart from the many [EV TL xapa t a noriria] (for it is cornmon to the many) , but is only a predicate, clearly unity also cannot be a substance; for being [to O V ] and unity [to E V ] are the most universal of al1 predicates.

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