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By Dana Desonie

Earth's surroundings helps and protects all of its existence, giving the planet its blue skies, light temperatures, and climate. yet humans use the ambience for an additional goal: as a unload for waste gases and debris. pollution obscures vistas, damages ecosystems, and compromises human overall healthiness. mixed with water within the surroundings, air toxins create acid rain. within the top surroundings, air toxins harm the ozone layer, which protects existence from the sun's destructive rays. extra emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane push worldwide temperatures greater, growing international warming. whereas a few pollution are effectively regulated, as inhabitants grows and industries extend, extra in depth ideas are had to care for the numerous different types of pollution and its effects. This provocative publication tackles those concerns in a simple demeanour and exhibits readers what they could do to aid preserve our planet's surroundings.

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A secondary rainbow, whose color bands are narrower, dimmer, and in the reverse order, may form near the primary The Motions of the Atmosphere Rainbows are caused by the refraction of sunlight by water droplets to create a spectrum of colors. (Mr. David Sinson, NOAA, Office of Coast Survey) rainbow. This secondary rainbow is created when light is reflected off the back of the drop twice before it exits. Colors in a rainbow are sometimes seen in the sky even when it is not raining; for example, when light refracts through ice crystals.

This shimmer can also be seen while driving on hot highways. One of the most the spectacular features of the atmosphere is the nighttime aurora. Usually found near the poles, the aurora can be brilliant, with streamers, arcs, or fog-like bursts of light, sometimes in white and sometimes in colors, that punctuate the night. These lights are called the aurora borealis, or northern lights, in the Northern Hemisphere and the aurora australis, or southern lights, in the Southern Hemisphere. The aurora occurs because the Earth’s magnetic field channels the electrically charged particles of the incoming solar wind to the North and South Poles.

49 50 Atmosphere Middle clouds, located between 6,500 and 23,000 feet (2,000 and 7,000 m), are composed of water vapor or ice crystals. Altocumulus clouds are gray, puffy blobs seen as bands rolling across the sky; they often herald late afternoon thunderstorms. Altostratus clouds are thick and broad and precede storms that bring widespread, nearly nonstop precipitation. Low clouds form below 6,500 feet (2,000 m). They are composed of water droplets and contain some ice and snow in very cold weather.

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