Attacking with 1.e4 - download pdf or read online

By John Emms

A chess e-book at the openings, geared toward a membership viewers.

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Chess secrets and techniques is a sequence of books which discover the mysteries of crucial facets of chess: technique, assault, commencing play and gambits, classical play, endgames and practise. In each one ebook the writer experiences a couple of nice avid gamers from chess heritage who've excelled in a selected box of the sport and who've undeniably prompted those that have undefined.

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Chocholous cuuuuuuuuC {wDWHKDwD} {dwDWdwdW} {w0Wdw)QD} {Dr0wiwDW} {WDw$pDwD} {HWdwDW0P} {rDPdnDWD} {DWDWDwgb} vllllllllV 33. W. W} {wdWdwDWD} {Dwdw$wDW} {WDwDwHpD} {DBdwDk)W} {p)WdbDWD} {IWGnDwdN} vllllllllV 34. W. Coates cuuuuuuuuC {wgWdWIwd} {dw$WdwDW} {PdWipDQD} {DwHwDwDW} {WDP0r0wD} {DWdwDPDW} {wDWdwDWD} {DWDwDqdW} vllllllllV 48 Dufresne: Schachaufgaben I 35. E. B. Cook cuuuuuuuuC {wdWIWDwd} {dw)WdPDW} {WdWdkDWD} {DwDw0wDW} {WDWdPdwD} {DWdwDWDW} {wDWdwDWD} {DWDwDwdW} vllllllllV 36. E. B. biwI} {dwDW0WDP} {WdWdPDWD} {DpDwdw0W} {W)WdWdwD} {DWdwDW0W} {wDWdwDWD} {DWDwDwdW} vllllllllV 37.

WDWDBdW} vllllllllV 38 Dufresne: Schachaufgaben I 83. J. Thursby cuuuuuuuuC {wdWdWdQg} {Dwdw0ndW} {NDwdpDw0} {Dw0wiwDP} {wDP$wDWD} {GPDWDwDN} {WDWDwIWd} {DBDWDWdW} vllllllllV Dreizügige Aufgaben 1. Aurelio Abela cuuuuuuuuC {WDKGWDWD} {DWDWDWDW} {W0WDWDpD} {DNDkDWDW} {PDWDWDWD} {DpDW0WDW} {WDWgWDWD} {DQDWDWDW} vllllllllV 2. Aurelio Abela cuuuuuuuuC {WDWDWDWI} {DWDWDWDW} {QdpDWDwD} {)WGkDWDW} {W0WDWDPD} {DpDNdW0W} {WDWdWDWD} {4nDWDWDW} vllllllllV 39 40 Dufresne: Schachaufgaben I 3. Aurelio Abela cuuuuuuuuC {nDWGWDWg} {)WDkDpDW} {WdpDW0wD} {DW0wDKDW} {WdWDWDQD} {DwDWdpdW} {W$WdW)pD} {dwDWDWDW} vllllllllV 4.

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