New PDF release: Basic Chess Endings

By Reuben Fine

Basic Chess Endings, written through foreign Grandmaster Reuben tremendous, is the main authoritative reference at the endgame. severe scholars of the sport locate the paintings unequalled in its intensity and diversity. Now, Grandmaster friend Benko has revised this vintage with the most recent options within the endgame and tailored the booklet to algebraic notation. the result's what chess aficionados were eagerly ready for--a completely smooth bible on uncomplicated chess endings.

A convenient consultant for the sensible participant, Basic Chess Endings specializes in the facets of the finishing that take place most often during play. With transparent language, it reinforces wisdom of the normal place and tried-and-tested ideas. countless numbers of diagrams make examples effortless to persist with. An vital reference for each chess participant.

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E5+ ¢e8! ¤a6+! ¦g8!? a6!? g6! ¥e5! ¦h5!! g6!? £xd8? ¤xf7! £a6! ¤d7? £g3+! ¢c8? f4!? f4 g5?! ¥e2! g4?! ¥a4!? ¤c3?! £f6? e5? £d4! ¢h8!? a4!? ¤e3± ¤d7? g3!? ¤d7!? a4! h3?! ¤d5 ¥xd5! ¢f2! ¥xg4!? h3!? ¤g6? ¤g4! ¦xh5+? £e3! ¦h3! ¦g3?! ¢h1? ¢h1! ¢f2? ¦xg6+?? h5?! £h6 ¦xe4! ¢g1 ¤e5?! ¦g4+!? ¢f2? ¦e1? ¦f2+! a4! ¦xf7+! ¦g2+!? ¤f5? d4! £f2! ¦fd1 ¦e8! ¦c3 ¤b4! ¤c2? ¦b3!? a3! a6? ¦d3! ¢g3 g5! ¦xd5 ¤g3! ¢e1 ¥g1+! ¥f4+!? ¥c2! ¦d2 b5! b4™ ¥d6?! ¥f4! a3 g5?! ¥e5! ¦bd3 ¤f4! ¥xd4?! ¤xe6! ¥e5!? ¦c3 d4! ¦e2! ¦d1!?

A8? ¤b4?! ¥d5?! f5? ¥c8?! ¥d5! h6?! £g3? £g4? ¤xg6!? ¦g3 b4! ¤d4 £b6! ¥b3? £e5? £e5! ¥g4? g4! ¥c8? ¦f8?! ¦xg2?? ¥xf7+! b4? ¦d7! fxe6? ¦bd8? £xd8? ¦xg4? ¤g5! £xf6+ e3!? ¥d5? fxe6? h5?! h6? ¦g3?! ¦xg3? ¦d7!! ¥h5!! ¦e8? ¦xf7? h6? ¢b1? ¦d7! ¤g5 ¥e4+! ¥h5 e3! ¤g5! £xf2? ¦f3! £f4 ¦e8? ¦bg8? h5!! £h5 e4?! ¥c2 b4?! £g5+!? h5 ¦c6?! £c7 ¦b7! ¤3d4!? 0-0! e5! ¦h5! ¤d4! ¤a5?! ¤g4! £c7!? ¦xf7! £f3?! 0-0! £f3+! ¤d5!! exd5?? ¤xe5! ¥xa8 ¤c6!? ¥f4 e5!? ¤b5! £a7+?! £d3! £c6! ¤a5?! e5? ¤d5! dxe5? ¤d4! exd6 ¥d8! ¤d4?!

F6! gxf5 e4! ¦d5 h3! ¥d2! ¢xe5 ¥f6+! ¢d2! ¥b7!? ¢d2! dxe5? b3 b5! c5? ¥e2 ¥a6! f4?! ¤d4?? £d2!? ¤b1!? a4!? ¢f2 ¤e5! £xe4? ¥xf8? ¥b5! £xd3? b4! ¤b1? £xb4? c5! ¤a4 ¦xa4! ¤xe3!? ¥d3! ¤f6! fxe5! £a5!? ¥g1!? ¥d2! ¢d3? £h4! ¦d2 £g3! £e3 £xg4+!? ¢f2 f5! ¦d2 ¥f6! f5? g3 ¤xh2!! £e3! ¥xd3!? ¤c1! ¤c1 ¦xd2! h4?! ¤c1? £xd2 ¤b6! c4! bxc4? ¤d2? £e3!? £xe4 c2! ¤c5! c3!! ¦c1 ¤xe5! fxe5? £e3?! £d4 ¤xe5! ¤dc5! £d2! ¥b7!? ¤g8? ¤e6? 0-0-0! ¥e6! ¦g6! fxe6? ¦xg8+! ¦a8? ¤b4?! ¥d5?! f5? ¥c8?! ¥d5! h6?! £g3? £g4? ¤xg6!?

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