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By Rob Thurman

Stefan Korsak and his genetically-altered brother have kept away from the Institute for 3 years. after they study the recent place of the key lab, they plan to damage in and store the remainder childrens there. yet one of many youngsters does not are looking to depart. She desires to kill...

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English intro
Perry Rhodan is the identify of a technological know-how fiction sequence released due to the fact 1961 in Germany, in addition to the identify of its major personality. it's a area opera, facing all significant subject matters of technology fiction. Having bought over billion copies in pulp publication structure world wide, it's the such a lot profitable technological know-how fiction booklet sequence ever written.
Perry Rhodan Neo is a reboot of the storyline beginning within the yr 2036 rather than 1971.
For additional info at the subject material, see the English Wikipedia article on Perry Rhodan and/or the corresponding German Wikipedia article.

Deutsche Einführung
Perry Rhodan ist der Titelheld der gleichnamigen deutschen Science-Fiction-Serie, die seit dem eight. September 1961 ununterbrochen wöchentlich in shape von Heftromanen mit einer Druckauflage von etwa eighty. 000 Heften (Stand: Jahr 2011) erscheint. Insgesamt sind bisher 2700 Hefte mit run one hundred sixty. 000 Seiten erschienen, deren Geschichten einen Zeitraum von über 3000 Jahren umfassen (Stand: Mai 2013).
Am 30. September 2011 startete parallel zur alten Serie eine Neufassung additionally Perry Rhodan Neo, mit dem Untertitel „Die Zukunft beginnt von vorn“. In dieser landet Perry Rhodan erst im Jahr 2036 auf dem Mond. Die Serie erscheint zweiwöchentlich und ist nach drei Staffeln mit je acht Taschenheften ab Heft 25 in Staffeln mit jeweils zwölf Romanen gegliedert.
Während die Perry-Rhodan-Heftromanserie von den geopolitischen Begebenheiten der realen Welt Mitte des 20. Jahrhunderts ausging und die Handlung in einer nahen Zukunft beginnen ließ, geht Perry Rhodan Neo 50 Jahre später von der realen Welt des frühen 21. Jahrhunderts aus und beginnt ebenfalls in einer nahen Zukunft. So fliegt Perry Rhodan nicht im Jahre 1971 zum Mond, sondern erst 2036. Die Handlung nimmt somit aufgrund der geänderten Ausgangslage einen alternativen Verlauf. Die klassischen rationale der Serie werden ebenfalls in eine nahe Zukunft verlagert und entsprechend interpretiert. Es werden neue Figuren eingeführt und bekannte Figuren in einem neuen Licht gezeigt.
Die Serie ist somit nicht kanonisch in Bezug auf das klassische Perryversum. Nach der Aussage Klaus N. Fricks auf dem five. Weltcon 2011 in Mannheim wird es auch keine Überschneidungen oder Referenzen zwischen den Serien wie zu den Atlan-Serien geben. Perry Rhodan und Perry Rhodan Neo bilden jeweils einen „eigenen Kosmos“.

Zyklus: 10. Zyklus: Die Methans
Handlung und weitere Informationen (Achtung: Spoiler! ): Perrypedia: PRN103

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Other than me? He was fortunate I wasn’t more like my former classmates. If I had been, that one touch of his hand to my arm, that hard shake he’d given me—I could’ve ripped holes in his brain, torn his heart into pieces, liquefied his intestines. After all, that was what I was: a genetically created, lab-altered, medically modified child of Frankenstein, trained to do one thing and one thing only. Kill. All with a single touch. Isn’t science fun? Besides, vomiting didn’t hurt. It was only annoying, like the man who was doing it.

The Institute taught its students to hurt people, taught them to use what had been stamped on their genes. But I hadn’t wanted to hurt anyone. I hadn’t wanted to kill anyone. The thought of it, in self-defense or not, had made me sick. That didn’t mean I wasn’t forced to learn and it didn’t mean I hadn’t killed. Once. I didn’t plan on ever doing it again. In addition, the Institute had biology classes. One thing they taught us there was that as adolescent males grow, the production of testosterone increases, and so do levels of aggression—the natural kind that gives you the instinct to protect yourself if attacked.

He was overprotective and he called me kid, but he was my brother—mine—and I sort of loved him. Not that I’d say that. You couldn’t just go and say things like that aloud. TV said so. Movies said so. General guy culture said so—I’d learned that from close observation. Everything said so. Almost three years with him and the possibility of losing him said so. Funny the things you don’t want to say and tempt fate, the things you don’t want to admit to yourself, no matter how often you think them. We were free and alive now, but that might not always be true.

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