Download e-book for kindle: Bearing Witness: Psychoanalytic Work with People Traumatized by Andres Gautier, Anna Sabatini Scalmati

By Andres Gautier, Anna Sabatini Scalmati

"In their dialogue of torture, the individuals to this e-book write of what its sufferers can't placed into phrases and the paintings that should be performed with them consequently. operating with a victim’s account of a worrying event is going a lot additional than any debriefing strategy might have us think -- peculiarly, sufferers desire anyone to pay attention conscientiously to what they must say; that individual often is the first to supply a shelter for the soreness of these who've no inner 'shelter' in their own.

The authors cross directly to talk about the type of psychological processing that may loose sufferers from their unspeakable trauma, a trauma that has no framework in time nor phrases with which to precise it.

Under the skilful editorship of Andrés Gautier and Anna Sabatini, this e-book asks of either psychoanalysts and politicians a question that is going correct to the guts in their 'impossible professions'."
--René Kaës, From the Foreword

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Still filled with feelings of shame about her rape, she was convinced that it was obvious to all who met her. In time, I proposed that Rosa join a women’s group conducted by me. At the first session she began to weep silently. To the group she said, “They only need to know that I am a twin”. After some weeks one of the women in the group was very upset, crying loudly. There was a striking gesture by Rosa, who took her hand hesitantly and then rubbed it gently in comfort. She told us she had found a new place to live.

I have not found it helpful in this work to remain too entrenched in orthodoxy. My group analytic training and experience provide a fundamental framework, but I have learned to make many adaptations. Furthermore, how indeed do we protect ourselves, while being constantly confronted by human cruelty and destruction? Non-Verbal or Pre-Verbal therapy Part of my work at the Foundation takes place in a beautiful, very contained garden in North London, where I run the Natural Growth Project. My clients here are extremely fragile, those who feel completely overwhelmed and who need to engage initially with a less verbal form of therapy.

This led to much work between us on her notion that all white people were good and all black people were bad. We gave her a small patch of the garden to cultivate by herself. She insisted on fencing it in with bamboo; life was too dangerous to leave her plants unprotected. Many months later we were able to celebrate her removing this fence and starting to work in the larger garden. After about a year I placed her in a mixed gender and heterogeneous group, with people from Ethiopia, Congo, Rwanda and Russia.

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