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E5 1 2 'ith1 and only then 1 2 ... tb5 ! txc6 bxc6 15 fxe5 dxe5 16 'ii'e2 gives White a clear positional plus in any case. tc6 (D) Returning the knight to d4 is not really to Black's liking, but 1 2 ... e5, with the passive bishop on d7, is not very attractive either. w 13 t2Jd4 g6 Or 1 3 . . fd 1 d5 19 e5 lbd7 20 'iif2 ! and White had a clear advan­ tage in Klovans-Vasiukov, Mos­ cow 1968. f2 e5 15 tbxc6 bxc6 dxe5 (D) 16 fxe5 17 'ii'f l! The battle is flaring up around the c4-square, which White is counting on occupying with one of his pieces.

Black solves his fundamental problem by completely widening the action of his pieces, which are directed towards an attack on the kingside. h3, 1 2. �g4 1 3 g 3 �xh2 or 1 2 . . xh2+ !?. Now the queen's rook joins the battle with tempo. 12 ... l:tb8! b1 ? xb2 'ii'e5 ! B 13 .. �g4 54 Montreal l 979 Black's attack is developing easily and naturally. Not a shadow remains of White's opening advan­ tage, and on the contrary he is watching with alarm as events de­ velop on the kingside. e 1 Black increases the pressure with 1 5...

The idea o f this move i s under­ standable - to reinforce the c3square, as exchange sacrifices such as . Jhc3 often let B lack gain a powerful attack; indeed the Dragon Variation is underpinned by this blow. However, from e2 the knight, when the occasion arises, can eas­ ily be transferred over for a direct attack against the enemy king. 16 ... 'iia5 1 6 . . lte8 seems safer for Black, as 1 7 �h6 ( 1 7 eS? is no good be­ cause of 17 . lbxg4 ! �h8. l'xe5 22 lbd5 ltxg4 with roughly even chances.

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