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By Dennis Tedlock

This impressive e-book we could readers pay attention Maya myths as they're informed at the present time within the mountains of Guatemala. First released in 1993, Breath at the reflect is now on hand purely from UNM Press."A interesting literary and anthropological day trip into the psychological universe of the fashionable Quich? Maya and their forebears. The tales and myths so compellingly stated the following flip our personal international upside-down and remake it within the Maya snapshot. examining this, you possibly can comprehend why and the way Maya tradition has survived 5 centuries of oppression."--Michael D. Coe, Yale college, writer of The Maya

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And were triple thanks not enough? Was it some kind of sacrifice that was wanted? Or was it rather something the works and designs omitted to say, their failure to mention feet and hands for walking and working? Did these creatures think they had nothing but mouths and faces? Should they have called the gods by proper names and glorified them with epithets, instead of calling them grandmother and grandfather? " Elsewhere in the Book the same sort of thing happens to the words of the gods themselves, as their own messengers unfailingly fail to quote them exactly.

Some of the events told here go back as far as the time when the gods first made human beings, or what Mayans call by the same word they use for the number twenty, for all the fingers and toes, the same number they use as the basis of their mathematics. Others are episodes from the lives of the maiden named Blood Moon, the trickster twins named Marksman and Little Jaguar Sun, the death-dealing lords of the underworld, a red dwarf with an ax that strikes lightning, three temptresses who haunt the banks of rivers, mountains that send messages to each other, a lost ark in the form of a cloth-wrapped bundle, a stone that gets angry when its owners fail to show respect, and ordinary people who pass the night on an enchanted peak or open a trap door in the floor of an abandoned temple.

And he is a daykeeper: he knows how to investigate the unseen events of days behind and ahead of the present one, counting day numbers and names and reading their portents. But he longs for quicker ways of seeing. On his altar at home is a glassed-in tabernacle that holds a woodcarving of the most mystical of the Twelve Apostles, gleaming in red and white enamel, and behind the pediment of the tabernacle he keeps a multifaceted mass of quartz crystals at least as big as two fists. Some people, he says, know how to use crystals as instruments for seeing, the way other people might use eyeglasses or binoculars, or perhaps they're even fortunate enough to possess crystals that simply offer themselves up as instruments for seeing without one's having to know how to use them.

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