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Few figures from Greco-Roman antiquity have passed through as a lot reassessment in contemporary a long time as Callimachus of Cyrene, who used to be energetic on the Alexandrian courtroom of the Ptolemies through the early 3rd century BC. as soon as perceived as a preferrred instance of ivory tower detachment and abstruse studying, Callimachus has now end up understood as an artificer of the pictures of a robust and colourful courtroom and as a poet moment simply to Homer in his later reception. For the fashionable viewers, the fragmentation of his texts and the diffusion of resource fabrics has frequently impeded realizing his poetic fulfillment. Brills significant other to Callimachus has been designed to help in negotiating this scholarly terrain, in particular the method of enhancing and amassing his fragments, to light up his highbrow and social contexts, and to point the present instructions that his scholarship is taking.

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Luiselli for Eikasmos. Cf. Asper 2004. A fifth, if we consider Hollis for the Hecale and Massimilla for the Aetia. 47 CHAPTER TWO THE AETIA THROUGH PAPYRI Giulio Massimilla Abstract Papyri have shown that Callimachus adopted two different techniques of composition in the first and second halves of the Aetia. e. the subjects, the arrangements, and the respective lengths of the single elegies, as well as the tone and the structure of the conversation between “Callimachus” and the Muses, and its treatment as a narrative framework.

1094: scholia on Iambus 1 43. 2215: Iambi 3 and 4 44. )+ Branchus30 45. , 221 MP3, 511 LDAB [Roberts] (IV) PRyl 485: Iambi 4 and 5 46. 661: Iambus 7 47. [Colomo fr. b]31 (II) PLips inv. 290v: scholia on Iambi 11 and 12 48. 2218: Iambus 12 49. 225 MP3, 478 LDAB [Bonner] (beginning of II) PMich inv. 4967: Iambus 12 50. 2823: Hecale32 51. , 3 Hollis, 226 MP3, 507 LDAB [Lobel] (cod. 2216: Hecale 52. 1 MP3, 509 LDAB [Lobel] (cod. 2529: Hecale 53. 6 Hollis, 230 MP3, 510 LDAB [Lobel] (cod. 2377: Hecale 54.

The content of this fragment is also uncertain. All that is apparent is that verses 6–10 deal with poverty (Massimilla 1996: 436). 5.

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