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By Irving Chernev

Those 60 whole video games, annotated all through, emphasize the Cuban master's stylish, vintage, actual, deadly endgame play opposed to Alekhine, Lasker, Marshall, Nimzowitsch, R?ti, the simplest. listed here are actual video games from fit and match play, with endings that appear like long-contemplated artistic endeavors.

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Chess secrets and techniques is a chain of books which discover the mysteries of an important points of chess: procedure, assault, beginning play and gambits, classical play, endgames and education. In every one publication the writer experiences a couple of nice gamers from chess background who've excelled in a selected box of the sport and who've undeniably inspired those that have undefined.

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Rd6-c6 22 Qe5xc7 Rc6xc7 23 ~ 2 . ~with 3, honours even) 22 Nb3+d4,and the annoying threat of 23 Nd4-e6+ is hard to meet (to say nothing of 23 R f l x f 6 , or 23 g2-g4 and 24 g4-95). Here 5 . 97-96 is premature, as after 6 Nd4xc6 b7xc6 7 e4-e5 the Knight must return home. 6 7 Bfl-e2 67-66 0-0 8 Bcl-e3 9 h2-h3 BcB-d7 Bf8-87 0-0 10 Qdl-dZ a7-a6 A good move, as it prevents 11 Nd4-b5,and prepares for Queen-side counterptay by 1 1 . . b7-b5,12. . Nc6-a5, 13 . . Qd8-c7 and 24 . . Na5-c4, the attack on the c-file being compensation to Black for his otherwise cramped position.

At last! Black wakes up t o the fact that the Rook must be aggresive in the endgame! 46 Position after 43. Page 48 .. RM-f6 Rg5-g7 RfS-a8+ Natural enough, but it loses. The Game 14 last drawing chance (if any) was offered by 53. . Rf2-b2+ 54 Kb4-c3 Rb2-h2 55 Re7xe6 Kb8-a7 56 h5-h6 Ka7-b6. 54 h5-h6! Rf4xd4+ 68 Ke5-d4 Black Resigns Hooper in his Practical Chess Endgames sums i t up well, when he says, 'A characteristic of this kind of endgame is the switching of the attack from wing t o wing. This i s not a random thing.

3 3 ... 974 But this is too meek! Black should try t o seize the initiative by 3 . . ~5, with this likely continuation: 4 e2-e3 Od8-b6 (with unremitting pressure on the Queen. side] 5 Q d l - c l Nb8-c6 6 c2-c3 Bc8-f5 7 d4xc5 (in order t o devel. o p the Queen Knight with gain of time) Qb6xc5 8 Nbl -d2 Ra8-c8 9 Nd2-b3 Qc5-b6 10 Ocl-d2 e7-e6 11 Bf 1-d3 Bf5-e4, with equality a t least, as Maroczy I w i t h Black) demonstrated in his game against Capablanca at New York And here if 14 . . Qc7xd7 15 Qa4xd7 Nf6xd7 16 Nd2-e4 d5xe4 (otherwise a Pawn is lost) 17 Rdlxd7, and White has a Rook o n the seventh and winning chances.

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