New PDF release: Capablanca's Best Chess Endings: 60 Complete Games

By Irving Chernev

I selected this quantity for an hassle-free library the place I trainer chess. scholars could have a few hassle, yet Capablanca is a wizard and his notation is well through scholars who're versed in algebraic notation.

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Black intends 30 . Kb7-b6, followed by 31 . a6-a5 and 32.. a5xb4. This would give him an open file for his Rook, and a chance for counter-play. White, however, nips that idea in . the bud. Rd7-d4 No good comes ot 30 . . b5xa4, 30 a2-a41 which leaves Black's Q-side Pawns split up and isolated, while the Pawn h e has gained cannot be Ending 10 maintained after 31 R f l - a l . 31 Rfl-bl Re8-e5 32 Kf2-e3 Rd4d7 I f 32 . . Re5xf5 33 g4xf5 Rd4-d7 34 d3-d4, and White has a winning position. 33 a4-as!

A5xb4 Or 23... , and Black's position falls apart. Black decides to give up the exchange t o get rid of the troublesome Bishop. 24 Ralxa8 25 Qe5c5+ 26 Ra8a7+ Naturally if 26 . 27 Ra7xd7t snaps the Bishop off, while interposing the Knight i s even worse, as 27 Ra7xc7+ removes the Knight, after which the Bishop falls, then the Queen, and finally the King himself suffers mate. ' 27 ... Me8xd6 28 Nf6-e4! Nd6xe4 One would expect 28 . . Nd6xf5, but i t loses by some pretty play, thus: 29 Ra7-c7 Nf5-e7 (if Page 21 Ending 6 29.

The subsequent play will show why this is superior t o 56 Na4-b6. 56 ... Nd7-b8 The Knight is beautifully centralized. It guards White's King against annoying checks by the Queen, and i s also in perfect position to take part in combination play against Black's King and Queen. For example, if 58 . . h3-h2 59 Qc4-c8+ Kh8-h7 60 Qc8-h3+ Kh7-g8 (if 60. . Kh7-g6 61 Qh3-e6+ followed by 62 Ne4-f6+wins the Queen) 61 Qh3-e6t Kg8-h8 (if 61 . . Kg8-f8 62 Qe6-d6+, or i f 61 . . Kg8-h7 62 Ne4-g5+ wins the Queen) 62 Qe6-e8+ Kh8-h7 63 Ne4-g5+ and White wins the Queen (Schlechter).

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