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2) FeTiO3 (b) Inverse spinel structure. (3) CaTiO3 (c) Spinel structure. (4) Zn2TiO4 (d) Rutile structure. (5) TiO2 (e) Ilmenite structure. (l)_(c), (2)_(e), (3)_(a), (4)_(b), (5)_(d). The type of conduction is observed in compounds like Fe1 — YO and Fe1 _ yS : Semiconductor behaviour is to be found in compounds Fe1 _ YO and Fe1 _ YS where electron transfer from Fe+2 to Fe+ 3 causes a virtual migration of Fe3 + ions and hence p-type conduction. The two consequences of metal excess defects : (1) Crystals having this defect can conduct electricity to some extent.

The Schrodinger equation for a free electron moving in X direction is = 0 …(1) This, as we know leads to the solution y = …(2) Let us now define, wave number K = Since the kinetic energy (E _ V) = p2/2m applying de Broglie relation, we get `p = E_V= this gives …(3) Chemistry : Practical Application Substituting this in the Schrodinger equation, we obtain the general solution for a free electron moving at constant potential as y(x) = Ce±iKx …(4) According to the band theory, however the potential energy V is not a constant but it is a function of x and the Schrodinger equation is written as …(5) The solution of this equation was obtained by Bloch y(x) = uK (x) e±iKx …(6) where uK is a periodic function.

The Solids The conduction of electricity in Be and Li metals with the help of a band theory. The electronic configuration for Li is Is2 2sl so there will be 1s and 2s bands as shown in figure. Since only half of 2s orbitals are occupied by the electrons, the conduction will take place. The electronic configuration for Be is 1s2 2s2 and the bands are formed due to Is and 2s electrons. Both the bands are completely filled but since 2p band which is completely empty, overlaps the 2s band There is sufficient space for electrons to move and explains the conduction part.

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