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By Bill Adams;Michael Adams

During this pleasing follow-up to the bestselling improvement of a Grandmaster, Britain's best younger chess participant, Michael Adams, describes the easiest video games of an excellent profession that has already taken him to the ultimate phases of 2 international championship cycles.

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This may be why my opponent rejected it, although objectively White would be unwise to enter these complications when he already possesses a clear edge; so perhaps 19 Adel is the best way to keep up the pressure. 17 Xf3 g5 Lashing out with this move cannot be good as it is never possible to satisfactorily resolve the pin on the g-file, but the alternatives 17... IVd7 18 Wf2 4e8 and 18... h8 S tA /Pfi/ X,$A 20 e5 dxe5 After 20... h7 21 4Žh5 Wg6 22 4fS Black collapses even quicker. 21 dxe5 th7 22 d4 if5 The bishop finally emerges just in time to prevent Ze4.

The continuation John chooses in the game is probably a better try for Black, but it is clearly to White's advantage in any case. 14 exf6 gxf6 The alternative 14.. g6 is well answered by 15 le3, possibly followed by Ve2. xc3 17 ig5 I considered the rather bizarre 17 AMb here as after 17... Wxfb 18 Ab2 Yg6 19 1xh8 Ih3 20 6e2 with Ae5-g3 to follow is very strong. Unfortunately Black has a refutation in 18.. Wb6+ 19 Ad4 Ig4! 17 ... g8 18 h4 Ag4 19 Wel )Wd4+ 20 thl YWxd5 21 b1! (D) After a series of forcing moves it appears that Black is over the worst as he has developed his bishop and won a pawn, but my last move activates White's final piece and draws attention to the fact that Black has still not solved the problem of his king.

9 ... Ab7 11 0-0 4bd7 12 Vig3 g6!? 11 0-0 Ib7 12 Y'g3 EM NA* N** a AE z~a B~EA* SX An IZ/, 12 ... t4d7 In this position Black is already faced with difficult problems. g6 is dangerous due to the exposed position of the knight on f6 after 13 f5. Giving up the pawn with 12... 1e7 13 WVxg7 Xg8 14 )Wh6 0-0-0 leads to a very unusual position with chances for both sides. Other moves fail to develop the kingside. 13 f5 It is very tempting to start immediate action against the king stuck in the centre but there is no real need to hurry as after 13 Ae3, completing White's development, Black is still left with the problem of how to proceed with his own mobilisation.

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