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By Timothy M. Kusky

The Earth has skilled many episodes of dramatic weather switch through the years. Scientists warn that the planet is at present turning into hotter at a fast velocity and there'll be major outcomes for the folk and ecosystems. How people reply to international warming is important for his or her survival amid the becoming probability of relocating coastal towns, migrating crop belts, altering weather zones, and ranging river stipulations. an intensive exam of the weather background of the previous million years might help expect and change the path for the longer term.

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Carbon dioxide can vary naturally in the atmosphere through a variety of driving mechanisms, including changes in volcanism, erosion, plate tectonics, and ocean-atmosphere interactions. The modern concept of linking greenhouse gases with the burning of fossil fuels by humans was formulated by Guy Stewart Callendar, who in 1938 calculated that a doubling of atmospheric CO2 by burning fossil fuels would result in an average global temperature increase of about 3°F (2°C), with more heating at the poles.

Some examples of Milankovitch-forced sedimentation have been documented from the Dolomite Mountains of Italy, the Proterozoic Rocknest Formation of northern Canada, and from numerous coral reef environments. Predicting the future climate on Earth involves very complex calculations, including input from the long- and medium-term effects described in this chapter and some short-term effects, such as sudden changes caused by human input of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and effects such as unpredicted volcanic eruptions.

The end of ENSO events also leads to abnormal conditions, in that they seem to turn on the “normal” type of circulation in a much stronger way than is normal. The cold upwelling water returns off Peru with such a ferocity that it may move northward, flooding a 1–2° band around the equator in the central Pacific ocean with water that is as cold as 68°F (20° C). This phenomenon is known as La Niña (“the girl” in Spanish). The alternation between ENSO, La Niña, and normal ocean-atmospheric circulation has profound effects on global climate and the migration of different climate belts on yearly to decadal time scales, and is thought to account for about a third of all the variability in global rainfall.

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