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By Janos Schanda

This can be my favourite e-book on colorimetry, for its intensity and clarity. Schanda is in detail acquainted with the CIE process, and it exhibits. not like Wyszecki and Stiles, it is a booklet you are going to learn, instead of consult with as wanted.

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He came armed with all the objections discussed in his document, but after an exhausting week at the NPL prior to the CIE meeting, his objections were met one by one as Smith and Guild transformed the data to meet Priest’s criticisms. 30 am on Thursday, September 18th, at Trinity College, Cambridge, for the fateful meeting of the CIE Colorimetry Committee, we were presented with fresh resolutions which were, like newly baked bread, still warm from the heated discussions in which Smith, Guild and Priest had indulged the previous week.

Metrology can access only the stimulus that will have as a consequence the perception. Thus CIE colorimetry is the metric of the psychophysical color stimulus. In psychophysics one often distinguishes between class A and class B observations, where class A relates to observations where two stimuli cause indistinguishable perceptions. Color matches are class A observations: If two stimuli with unequal physical characteristics produce—under otherwise similar exterior circumstances—the same sensation, we regard them to be equivalent.

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