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From Nyx in the home of evening: Mythology, Folklore, and faith within the percent. and Kristin solid Vampyre Series: %. forged relates her proposal for the environment of the home of evening and the way Scottish and Irish background are woven into the sequence.

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From the ruins of her castle I could literally see the vast expanse of the North Atlantic. No one could have snuck up on this queen. Longboats? Viking invasions? Ha! She’d have had her archers in line to kick butt before the enemy could even get close enough to be pummeled on the rocks below. And that’s when the character of the Sgiach started to form in my imagination. From walking in her steps I understood the military tactician she must have been, and the wise, protective queen began to emerge.

They had to walk barefoot over the two Cuillen mountain ranges before they were considered to be allowed entrance to DunScaichis, or Sgiach’s Castle, to become warriors. My understanding is that the prospective warriors came from all over Europe. Even now in modern Scotland if you are from Skye you are known as a Skianniach. I was speaking with a native Skye woman and asked her about Sgiach and she told me when a young person is called a Sgiach it is often derogatory, a put-down, referring to a troublemaker, a rouge!

We returned in the evenings to sit in a warm B&B and tell stories over fabulous food. This Alan, too, shared stories with me that found their way into the House of Night mythos. Funeral Traditions Sometimes the smallest details that come to light during research can trigger something that just seems to somehow perfectly fit your needs. That’s what happened when Alan told me the story about why there were these strange grooved notches in one of the ruined walls we’d found as we tromped around the Isle of Skye.

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