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By Samantha Henderson

Conflict the forces of darkness within the Forgotten Realms®

Two angels given mortal flesh are despatched to protect star-crossed enthusiasts, born scions of rival service provider homes. at the beginning, it seems to be as if love will overcome all, and the rift will ultimately be mended. yet there are those that hate the observe peace with a keenness lots that it poisons every little thing they contact, corrupting apartment to show opposed to apartment, mom to show opposed to baby, and angel to show opposed to angel.

Dawnbringer is the appropriate meld among vintage and modern delusion, with colours of Romeo and Juliet, advised from the point of view of father or mother angels, in a global the place sorcery and monsters are commonplace.

From the Paperback edition.

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Its right hand was raised in a warding gesture, the fingers slightly spread. It didn’t hold a weapon, but then, a spellcaster didn’t have to in order to be a deadly threat. It paused as if making up its mind, then moved silently toward Ivor’s bed. The wrinkles in the coverings were cast into sharp relief by the blue glowball as the figure approached. It paused and drew breath. Surely it was about to utter an incantation. Gareth was about to shout a warning, when Ivor launched himself at the invader.

Ivor leaned close to his shoulder to look at his prize. Gareth examined it as best he could in the dim light. The bracelet was a pale metal, too dull to be silver. Yet it didn’t have the heft or feel of pewter. It was simple, with no embellishment save three red stones—possibly garnets—set evenly along its length. The surface of the metal was polished, smooth to the touch, but looked crosshatched by tiny, even marks. Gareth turned it over in his fingers, frowning. It felt warm. And, oddly, the warmth fluctuated ever so slightly against his skin.

It had gone well enough so far. Din and Barneb, assigned to second watch, had been happy to share in the strong wine he and Ivor had brought to break the tedium of the night hours, and in the musky vintage the guards hadn’t tasted the mild drug Ivor had slipped into the second bottle. Once Din and Barneb fell into a deep sleep, Gareth and Ivor had secured them against the side of the ship to prevent them from rolling around on deck, called the half hour themselves, and turned the glass. Gareth and Ivor were set to take third watch, so there was a good chance no one would come by to find the post abandoned.

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