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By Emile Durkheim

Emile Durkheim, the founding father of French sociology, introduces secondary college scholars to the sphere of philosophy during this sequence of lectures. He pursues issues as varied as philosophical psychology, good judgment, ethics, and metaphysics, during trying to articulate a unified philosophical place. highbrow historians, historically-minded philosophers, and French historians will locate the lectures a priceless historic rfile.

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S. F. , Durkheim and Modern Education (London: Routledge, 1998); W. S. F. , Durkheim and 20:6 P1: JYD/... 0521630665int P2: FCH/FFX QC: FCH/FFX T1: FCH CB677-Gross-v3 30 April 5, 2004 INTRODUCTION the publication of the present volume will provide the community of scholars engaged in this collective undertaking with a new textual resource they can use to shed light on some of the interpretive debates surrounding Durkheim’s ideas; and that this illumination, in turn, will prompt new readings of Durkheim that will contribute to our understanding of the intellectual problems that occupy sociologists and scholars in cognate fields today.

To be sure, Cousin had conceived of philosophy as a science and insisted that its point of departure was psychology. But for him the proper method of psychology was introspection. ”58 In part for these reasons, attacks on eclectic spiritualism mounted, and non-Cousinians stepped up to offer their own approaches as alternatives. Comtean positivists, who had been sidelined during Cousin’s tenure, sought to replace absolute laws of ethics with the laws appropriate for societies given their stage of development in Comte’s tripartite philosophy of history, wherein they were said to progress from being theologically to metaphysically to positivistically oriented.

John Talbott, The Politics of Educational Reform in France, 1918–1940 (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1969), 29. 47. Ibid. 48. Male, Education in France, 17. 49. Talbott, The Politics of Educational Reform, 29. 50. Halls, Education, Culture and Politics in Modern France, 8. 51. Male, Education in France, 16. 52. Ibid. 53. Halls, Education, Culture and Politics in Modern France, 7. 20:6 P1: JYD/... 0521630665int P2: FCH/FFX QC: FCH/FFX T1: FCH CB677-Gross-v3 18 April 5, 2004 INTRODUCTION Most of these reform energies were centered on primary education.

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