Egalitarianism: New Essays on the Nature and Value of by Nils Holtug, Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen PDF

By Nils Holtug, Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen

Egalitarianism, the view that equality concerns, draws loads of awareness among modern political theorists. And but it has became out to be unusually tough to supply a completely passable egalitarian thought. The state-of-the-art articles in Egalitarianism circulate the talk ahead. they're written by means of a number of the best political philosophers within the box.

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3. More generally, levelling down necessarily benefits some people. But unfortunately person-affecting egalitarianism is no less vulnerable to the levelling down objection than impersonal egalitarianism. Even if the worse off benefit when the better off are reduced to their level, this increase can be counterbalanced by a decrease in the part of their welfare that is unaffected by the welfare of the better off. And if this is so, what we have is a case of levelling down. A third strategy for avoiding the levelling down objection is proposed in Christiano’s contribution to this volume.

We do of course think it bad that some people are worse off. But what is bad is not that these people are worse off than others. It is rather that they are worse off than they might have been. (1991: 22) ¹³ Holtug (2003) also puts forward this objection to Temkin and Temkin (2003b) responds. Introduction to Egalitarianism / 27 In other words, there is an important sense in which equality is a relational value and priority is not. In order to assess the moral value of a benefit to a person in egalitarian terms, we will need to know how well off this person is relative to others.

Setting aside the various utilitarian, prioritarian, and sufficientarian criticisms we have presented above, we shall end this survey of egalitarianism by sketching three sorts of attack on egalitarianism. These emanate from communitarianism, feminism, and libertarianism. ¹⁵ Temkin (2003a). See also Crisp’s (2003b) response to Temkin. Introduction to Egalitarianism / 29 As we saw in Section 2, egalitarians tend to assume that there is some overall good, or benefit, in respect of which people should be equally well off, although they differ on whether this good is welfare, or resources, or some other item.

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