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Combining an eclipse observation with the time of the year (obtained either directly from a preserved month name, or derived from the longitude of the moon or an inner planet), generally reduces the possible dates for an eclipse record to under twenty during the Late Babylonian period. The magnitude of the eclipse may further reduce the possibilities - a reference to totality, for example, cuts the number by about a half. Finally, references to the visibility of planets or Sirius may allow us to find a unique date on which the observation could have been made.

1. [... ] ... [... ] 2. [... ] the 28th, solar eclipse; fr[om ... ] 3. [... ] it began; 23° of day to the inside of the sun ... [... ] 4. its ... ); 2° [... ] 5. Venus, Mercury, eclipse ... ) [... ] 6. Sirius, which had set, in its non-[ ... ] 7. In its eclipse, ... [... ] 8. people broke pots [... ] 9. they broke. In 23° of day it cleared from north [and west] 10. to south and east. 48° onset, [maximal phase,] 11. and clearing. In its eclipse, the north and west wind blew. 12. 1,30° (=90°) of day before sunset.

32 CHAPTER 2. MESOPOTAMIA Era,39 to AD 43. 40 The relationship between the ACT and the NMAT texts is at present far from clear. We might assume that the observations contained in the Diaries would provide the raw data from which the ACT schemes were developed, and indeed Aaboe (1980) and Swerdlow (1998) in the field of the ACT planetary theories, and Brack-Bernsen (1997) and Britton (1999) for elements of the lunar theory, have proposed methods by which this may have been done; however, these are only partial solutions to this problem and more work remains to be done.

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