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''In this enticing and thought-provoking ebook, Jörg Friedrichs makes a plea for the improvement of a ‘Eurodiscipline’ of diplomacy (IR). In Friedrichs’ view, the sort of ‘Eurodiscipline’ will be a good way of counterbalancing American hegemony in IR and constructing a way more pluralistic and self-reflexive approach.…The dialogue of the yankee hegemony in IR, in addition to the French, Italian and Nordic options, is a pride to learn – educated and informative, persuasive and with an eye fixed for the wider connections among IR and advancements in different disciplines. certainly, this a part of the ebook may still turn into common analyzing for a person learning IR,supplemented via reviews of the improvement of IR in different nationwide contexts, together with these open air Western Europe.''

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Correspondingly, in Switzerland and Canada there are at least some scholars open to social scientific endeavours such as behaviourism or game theory. By contrast, most of their French (and, to a lesser degree, Belgian) colleagues never became acquainted with such fashionable gimmickry. 5 Due to its lumping together of distinct academic traditions, Giesen’s trinity of positivism, encyclopedianism and historical sociology is blind to national idiosyncrasies like the French abstention from positivism.

The French tendency towards academic self-encapsulation has its roots in the national history of IR as an academic discipline. Until the end of the Second World War, there was no autonomous field of IR studies in France, although international organization was part of the legal training of the public service, and diplomatic history was considered an aspect of political history. Only after the end of the War was IR constituted as an independent area of academic studies. At the beginning, some scholars were confident that French expertise, with its solid roots in diplomatic history and international law, was better equipped than AngloAmerican social science to build up a coherent IR theory (Duroselle 1952).

Chan 1999; Geeraerts and Jing 2001; Drulák and Druláková 2000). It is even possible to speculate about the viability of a non-western perspective on international affairs, but it would be hard if somebody wanted to write a full-blown state of the art account of non-western IR (cf. Puchala 1997; S. Chan et al. 2001; C. S. 12 As Knud Erik Jørgensen (2000) has shown, in western Europe the historiography of the discipline as a succession of ‘eras’ and ‘great debates’ is particularly inappropriate to capture the evolution of the field.

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