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By Yelena Dembo

‘I love enjoying the King’s Indian, yet no-one ever permits me to arrive my favorite opening!’ Does this sound like an all too customary grievance? the reply to this challenge lies here. The fact is you are going to achieve your favorite beginning in exactly part the video games you play opposed to 1 d4, and that’s why this publication is a godsend to these gamers uninterested with blindly looking for easy methods to play opposed to demanding White structures designed to prevent the most strains. Yelena Dembo bargains with them in no doubtful phrases, delivering Black no-nonsense suggestions that allow you to face the longer term with confidence. 

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Ie3? preserves the bishop, but is strongly met by 7 ... e5! Romanishin, Rome 200S, and was brutally punished: 8 g4 lLIhf6 9 O-O-O? lLIb6 10 b3? lLIc4! when White might as well have re­ signed in view of the line 1 1 bxc4 (or 1 1 'iVd3 'tWaS 12 lLIa4 e4! 13 fxe4 lLIxg4 14 bxc4 dxc4 IS 'ti'xc4 lLIxe3 16 "iYc3 'tWxc3 1 7 lLIxc3 lLIxdl) 1 1 . . a3+ 12 �bl 'iVb6+ 13 lL1bS dxc4 14 �al 'iixbS. c) 7 e3 lLIxf4 8 exf4 e6 is just great for Black, who can develop and then prepare ... cS at his leisure, while White's position is full of weaknesses.

His further development is clear: move the knight, play ... eS, bring out the light-squared bishop and castle long, while the dark­ squared bishop will find a nice post on cS, b4 or even h6. It must be noted too that Black still threatens 1O ... , which forces White's hand in the com­ ing play. That said, while Black may have good central control and active pieces, White may be able to drum up some counterplay as Black is prepares to castle long. 10 'ifg4 The only viable option, preparing 0-0-0 with tempo.

Black should now play 13 ... l:Ixg2! (13 ... a6? e4 is always bad be­ cause after 14 ... l:tg4 Black threatens to take this bishop and free his queen: for example, 15 'i¥te2 l:txe4+! 16 tZJxe4 'iVe5 with a couple of extra pawns and a happy queen) 14 ... tZJd7! when he sud­ denly creates some very serious threats against the white king. It may seem strange that Black can mount a serious attack with just a few pieces, but the fact is that almost all of White's pieces are tied up by the necessity of contain­ ing the black queen.

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