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By Edward Winter

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D1–e1 a5–a6 All agree that Kasparov is better. Alburt doesn’t think that White is winning, but he still believes that a draw will be agreed in a few moves. 33. a3–c1 g5–e6 34. d3–a3 e6–c5 35. c1–e3 White is winning - says Alburt. 35. a6–d6 Kasparov has a very pleasant choice between moves like 36. ×a4 or 36. ×h4 - if his wants to keep it simple. 36. a3×a4 ❘ ❘ ◗ ◗ ✵s✵❩r❩❦❩ ❩✵❩✵❩♣♦✵ ✵❩✵❧✵❩✵❩ ❩✵♠✵♦✵❩✵ ❘❩P❩P❩P♦ ❩✵❩✵❆P❩✵ ✵❩✵❩✵❩❇❖ ❙✵❩✵▲✵❏✵ Draw. No doubt that Kasparov is winning in the final position.

F5–d7 King’s Indian (E94) And now Karpov must resign, thought ev1. d2–d4 g8–f6 erybody. Isn’t he just losing his Queen? No. 2. c2–c4 g7–g6 Black is lost in this position, indeed, but Karpov 3. b1–c3 f8–g7 wanted so see if Kasparov had done his home4. e2–e4 d7–d6 work well enough to pass the test. 5. g1–f3 0–0 47. b8–d8 6. f1–e2 e7–e5 48. d7×d8 f8×d8 7. c1–e3 c7–c6 49. c7–c8 d8–f8 8. d4–d5 f6–g4 50. c1–c4 f6–f5 9. e3–g5 f7–f6 51. c8×f8+ g8×f8 52. c4–d4 h6–h5 After 9. . , b6; 10. 00, ×b2; 11. a4 53.

And in a later race between b2 pawn and h5-pawn Black might come first. 48. e3–c4 e1–g1 49. c4–e3 g1–e1 ◆ ◆ ❑ ❑ The second repetition of this position. GM Lev Alburt believes that Black will be able to hang on to a draw. 50. e3–c4 ◆ Karpov played this after a good ten minutes thought. Kasparov came back and seems to hesitate to repeat e1-g1. 50. e1–g1 ❘ ❑ After 28 minutes of “deep thoughts” Kasparov did repeat his move. Now it’s Karpov who hesitates. He can take a draw immediately with 51. e3 but that’s hardly the big idea.

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