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The pawn clears the path for its colleague, in order to activate the bishop. 2 1 . exf7t gives White too much play on the light squares, so instead 2 1 . e5 is more or less forced. With the e7-bishop hanging 22 . . d5 is impossible, so White regains the exchange with balanced play. ixe4 From GM to Top Ten 50 19 ... Wfxf3 e4 Only a few moves earlier, this square was occupied by a white pawn, securing a space advantage. Now the roles have reversed... Wfe2 l:l:d3 With such a strong outpost, Black's advantage is indisputable.

TLlfSt is a gross blunder. My opponent probably thought that I had nothing better than 3S ... ElxfS, regaining part of the material, but not enough to save the game. j,f3t! winning even more material, since 36 . . Wf4t leads to mate in one. Elxe2 would also have parried the threats. Wxf5! I gladly gave up the queen to gain the decisive tempo, since the rook is necessary to close the mating net. Wg l j,d4 mate. 0-1 - Solving 1 37 5 Judit Polgar - James 1hinnsen US Open, Kona 1 998 This tournament was a success for me: I scored 8 out of 9, just enough to become the US Open champion!

Exf5!? This looks rather ugly because it weakens the d5-square and spoils the central structure. On the positive side, it puts the e8-rook to work, thus justifying the previous move. ) 1 2 ... td8! 29 When I was young, I frequently failed to imagine what my opponent was thinking, to look at the position from his point of view. This ability is very useful for stopping the most dangerous threats before it is too late. I believe that Shirov had prepared the whole line at home, since he sacrificed the knight without thinking.

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