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Ii) The label Ll is attached to the first executable statement. (i) Now, each recursive call is replaced by a set of instructions which do the following: (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) Store the values of all parameters and local variables in the stack. The pointer to the top of the stack can be treated as global. Create the ith new label, Li, and store i in the stack. The value i of this label will be used to compute the return address. This label is placed in the program as described in rule (vii). Evaluate the arguments of this call (they may be expressions) and assign these values to the appropriate formal parameters.

In fact suppose we now want to modify this program to test the result of call PROCESS(x), say PROCESS(xJI) and terminate processing if y = 0. Then the loop-untilrepeat can be fruitfully used: loop read(x) if x = eof then exit endif call PROCESS(x,y) until y = 0 repeat if x #- eofthen ... The Case for CASE There are two statements in SPARKS for discriminating between alternatives: the if-then-else and the case. 3, using the nested sequence of if-then-else's if condl then SJ else if cond2 then S2 else if condJ then SJ else if condn then Sn else Sn + 1 endif endif .

2. 2 Clocks and their accuracies Another difficulty in getting reliable clock times comes about if your computer's operating system is in multiprogramming or time sharing mode. For instance, on the PDP-10 under the TENEX operating system, the clock times always includes a certain fraction of the time needed to swap out the user's program on disk. This time will vary depending upon the number of users who are currently logged into the system, and there is no way of discerning how much time that takes.

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