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By N.I. Koshkin, M.G. Shirkevich, F. Leib

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Every particle of a body is subjected to the pull of gravity. ant (sum) ol all the lurce-; gravity acting on xriicle. ol the bo i- callegl the zseig/zz ol the body. 'l he centre of groom; is called ih point about which the sum of the nioiuents oi the lnrces ol gravity acting on all the particles ol the br dy i >qual t< zero. i at its centre of gravity. Tyzes oi equilibrium. Wlien body returns to its original position alter being ightly ilisplaced, the equilibrium is said to be srrzbhz. When a body tends a.

II Nitric oxide I 72 galvion morioxide. I Nitrogen . , I. 07 ori nc- Nitrous oxide. 5lé$‘l,307‘l,140ll,0O·l\805l803‘655l551 7. 03 330. _a... 43 50 CH. _... __-. 01 50 I , 40 101) 1. 113 Mercury $(10 (1_{)U 400 0. 83 500 0. 77 I (300 0. 74 103 . 7 0 . T""`_”` "—T"F""' Ti;] 400 I 38 I ($01) 1. UC CH A ri T 12 R U HEAT AND MOLECULAR PHYSICS FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS AND LAWS The thermal state of a body is characterised by aquantity called the Icmiperature. ). The temperature ot a body is related to the average kinetic energy of thermal motion of its molecules.

QZ, ,,,, y;amM»· Will] il force lllCllIl€(l F2;P COS G’ while the inclined plane reacts on the body with an equal force. ireeiy on an inclined plane will remain at re the lorce pulling it down is less than the for This condition is satisfied if an ix > lc, where k is the coefficient of sliding lriction. The lever. A lever is in equilibrium if the sum of the moments of all the forces applied to it equals zero (Figs. 5, a and 5, b). F,cz -— F2{:=:(l, where cz and b are the lever arms of the applied forces.

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