Handy Pocket Guide to Tropical Fruits - download pdf or read online

By Wendy Hutton, Alberto Cassio

Introduces over forty assorted end result usually present in Asia with 9 interesting Asian fruit recipes included.

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These are usually green-skinned, with bright yellow to orange-coloured flesh. If the skin has turned from green to orange, this means the fruit is over-ripe and may be a little dry. Tropical oranges are normally juicy, but also contain a large number of seeds and can sometimes be somewhat sour. Some varieties are very easy to peel, although the firm Thai oranges can be an exception to this. Mandarins (C reticulata var. ) are popular for their sweet flesh and easy-to-peel skin; most of those found in tropical Asia have been imported from China where they symbolize good luck and are given as presents at the lunar New Year.

The pulp is also made into the cordial, grenadine; used in cocktails worldwide, its name derives from the French word for the fruit, grenade. Apple Malus spp. Botanical Family: Rosaceae Thai name: Appoen Malay name: Buah apel Indonesian name: Buah apel Filipino name: Mansanas Apples are not readily associated with the tropics, yet the fruit is widely popular. Several tropical Asian countries have planted apples in cooler hilly areas in an attempt to meet local demand and reduce their dependence on imports from countries with temperate climates.

Inside the papaya is a cavity which contains a mass of shiny black seeds, which are discarded (although they are edible). The ripe flesh, ranging from golden to salmon pink, is always eaten raw, usually accompanied by a squeeze of lime juice; however, unripe papayas are used in salads or cooked as vegetables throughout Southeast Asia. Many of the modern commercially grown hybrids, which are usually smaller in size than the old-fashioned fruit and known as Hawaiian or Solo papayas, have a richer flavour than older varieties.

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