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By Stephen R. Wilk

How the Ray Gun acquired Its Zap is a suite of essays that discusses atypical and weird themes in optics. although optics is a reasonably really expert department of physics, this e-book extracts from the self-discipline themes which are fairly fascinating, mysterious, culturally suitable, or obtainable. The essays all first seemed, in abbreviated shape, in Optics and Photonics information and in The Spectrograph; the writer has up-to-date and multiplied upon every one of them for this booklet. The booklet is split into 3 thematic sections: historical past, bizarre technology, and dad tradition. Chapters will talk about superb makes use of of optics in classics and early astronomy; clarify why we predict of the sunlight as yellow while it really is truly white; current how the laser is utilized in renowned movie; and profile the eccentric scientists who contributed to optics. The essays are brief and exciting, and will be learn in any order. The e-book should still attract common audiences attracted to optics or physics extra in general, in addition to contributors of the medical group who're fascinated with optics phenomena.

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2 Lucretius’s poem was a rendering down of Epicurean philosophy, so the observation could easily be centuries older. It probably was—it’s hard to imagine those seagoing Greeks not noticing the way the line of a submerged oar seems to “break” at the interface between air and water. , Ktesibios of Alexandria, possibly the first head of the Museum and Library there, performed an experiment demonstrating the effect in a slightly different way. A coin placed at the bottom of a cup would become invisible to a person who lowered their head until the lip of the cup just blocked their view of it.

M. Minnaert, The Nature of Light and Color in the Open Air (1954), 94–95. 1 The mnemonic is of long standing. 2 It’s simple, short, and easy to remember, but there’s something a little troubling about it. Why only seven colors? We can easily divide up the spectrum into a great many more colors. Even if we restrict ourselves to easily distinguishable colors, there are many more than seven. ” Some popular explanations hold that the number is dictated by mysticism— there are Seven Colors just as there are Seven Days of the Week, Seven traditional astronomical bodies (Sun, Moon, and the five planets known to antiquity), Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Cardinal Virtues, Seven Archangels, Seven Wonders of the World, Seven Hills of Rome, and so forth.

9. George Sarton, Introduction to the History of Science (1927‒47), cited in C. B. Boyer, The Rainbow: From Myth to Mathematics (1959), 61–62. 10. For instance: “Ptolemy formulated a very inaccurate version of the law of refraction, which only works when the light rays are almost normally incident on the interface in question. html, accessed March 28, 2012. 11. org/wiki/Snell%27s_Law, accessed March 28, 2012. 12. Boyer, The Rainbow. 13. -150-claudius-ptolemy-gave-the-following-measured, accessed March 28, 2012.

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