New PDF release: How to Manage Your Arts, Humanities and Social Science

By Lucinda Becker

This cutting edge publication takes a pragmatic, no-nonsense method of all parts of undergraduate existence, from getting begun and maximizing studying possibilities to creating offerings, getting to know time administration and succeeding in tests. It additionally covers the broader points of the collage event together with peer strain, funds and greedy the possibilities on hand to undergraduates all through their measure direction. The ebook concludes with information on the way to holiday right into a occupation as a graduate.

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It is only natural to be concerned, but there is no need for you to spend the time after your examinations revising all over again in case you get a viva before your result is finalised. That is the time to relax. If you are called to take a viva, you can be fairly certain that there will be no more than three other people in the room, one of whom will probably Getting Started 27 be your tutor, and that they will understand your nerves and ask you as gently as possible to expand upon an answer you gave in an examination.

Browsing through bibliographies is similar to browsing along the library shelves, with the exception that strolling along the shelves gives you instant access to the books that appeal to you. Serendipity is a wonderful thing: just happening across a book whose author entirely supports your argument or which gives you exactly those facts that you need for your essay. There are a couple of points to remember when you have a go at trying your luck with library serendipity. First, check the age of each book that appeals to you (the publishing details are on page iv and include the date of first publication).

Getting Started 23 Seminars Seminars are the backbone of university teaching. They consist of groups of students (usually 10–20) meeting together, usually every week, under the guidance of a tutor in order to discuss aspects of their course. Sometimes the tutor will lead the discussion, sometimes students are asked to become more directly involved. Seminar papers and presentations cause a lot of consternation amongst undergraduates because they can feel so alien as a way of expressing yourself.

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