Download PDF by H. Krug, H. Schmidt (auth.), Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ehrfeld,: Integrated Optics and Micro-Optics with Polymers

By H. Krug, H. Schmidt (auth.), Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ehrfeld, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wegner, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Karthe, Dr. Hans-Dieter Bauer, Dr. Herbert O. Moser (eds.)

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Rapid Commun. 13, 125 (1992) 42) H. MUlier, I. MUlier, O. Nuyken, P. Strohriegl, Makromol. , 1992, in press Polymer Filled Porous Glass Plates - A Composite Material for Nonlinear OptiCS R. Schubert, G. Franke, Ch. G. Abstract Porous silica glasses with a branched system of connected nanometer pores will be useful for the fabrication of optical composite materials, if a new technology is applied: the reactive deposition of small particles «6nm) of inorganic semiconductors or the physical deposition of organic dyes and the filling of the rest volume of the pores with organic polymers.

The poly (methacryloyl chloride) and the copolymers with MMA were prepared by free radical polymerization in dioxane with AIBN as initiator and had molecular weights Mw in the range from 66000 to 100000 and Mn between 33 000 and 44 000. The polydispersities Mw / Mn of PMACI and the various copolymers are between 2,1 and 2,4. 2. Polymeranalogous esterification of the prepolymers Recently, we have investigated the preparation of polymethacrylates with pendant carbazolyl groups by esterification of Pty1ACI with a number of ( II) - hydroxyalkyl) carbazoles at our institute.

I\/V C ......... /CH2......... I\/V I I O=C......... C=O The thermal properties of the polymers 5 and 6 were investigated by differential scanning calorimetry (D5C) and thermogravimetric (TG) measurements. 1. Polymer 50 with 9mol% of the azochromophore has a glass transition temperature of 125°C which is considerably higher than the 105°C found for PMMA. This increase of the transition temperature can be explained by some side reactions that lead to a high molecular weight, probably branched or slightly crosslinked polymer fraction which can be seen in the GPC diagram 50 (Rg.

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