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By John Henderson

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0–0 11 Qh4 Rc8 ‹12 Bh3? a6 11 Rac1 Rc8 12 b3 0–0 13 Qh4 Rc7 14 Ne1 Bxg2 15 Nxg2 Re8 16 Nf4 Qb8 17 Nfd5 Rcc8 18 Bg5 Qb7 19 a4 Kh8 20 g4 Nxd5 21 Nxd5 e6 22 Nf6 Nxf6 23 Bxf6 d5 24 Rc3 Bxf6 25 Qxf6+ Kg8 26 Rcd3 Qe7 27 Qxe7 Rxe7 28 cxd5 exd5 29 Rxd5 Rxe2 30 Rd8+ Rxd8 31 Rxd8+ Kg7 32 Rd6 Re4 33 Rxb6 Rxg4+ 34 Kf1 Rh4 35 a5 Rh3 36 b4 Rb3 37 Ke2 g5 38 Kf1 h5 39 Rxa6 Rxb4 40 Rb6 Ra4 41 a6 ½–½ Illescas Cordoba, M-Gelfand,B/Pamplona 1999/CBM 75 11 Rac1 0–0 12 Qh4 a6 13 Ne1 A system that seems to be a specialty of two players: Kramnik (see his game above with Polgar), and his second, Miguel Illescas, who used this idea to draw last year with Boris Gelfand!

They just want to make some moves and stop the clock. I tell you, this isn’t the way to play against Garry! He can literally sense the fear. He “feels” it and this gives him additional powers at the board. So basically it’s very simple: to start with, if you want to win the match, you shouldn’t be afraid of him. There are still many, many things to do, but above all this is the most important: Don’t be scared of him! Many people feel that this was a match that Alexei Shirov should have played rather than you, since he beat you to win through to play Kasparov in 1997.

ChessBase 8, an apology: Remember my article entitled FREDDIE FRIEDEL 8 MY CHESSBASE? Well, it seems that just about my entire bug problem and crashes were, as I suspiciously suspected and hinted at in the article, caused by that nice Mr Bill Gates and his Windows 98 upgrade, Windows Me. Having now taken off (more like thrown across the room) Windows Me, to be replaced once again with the more reliable crashes I’m come to love and know on Windows 98, my ChessBase 8 now seems to have stabilised enormously.

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