Lake and Sea Monsters (Mysteries, Legends, and Unexplained - download pdf or read online

By Linda S. Godfrey

Carrying fins, scales, and infrequently horns or fur, a rebellion of unidentifiable water creatures have poked their dripping heads above the waves all through recorded historical past to surprise grizzled sailors and hardy fisherfolk alike. yet survivors of water monster encounters tend to be left as questioned as they're terrified, wondering the origins and elusiveness of the creatures. most folk can describe what a regular sea monster appears like, but no museum boasts a skeleton--or even an irrefutable photograph--of a sea serpent or the mythical Loch Ness Monster. Lake and Sea Monsters completely explores humanity's fascination with Nessie, sea serpents, and all of the different rainy wonders of the realm, isolating truth from fiction via interpreting old legends and myths, modern eyewitness tales, and the newest medical discoveries.

Chapters include:
-Swimming via Time: start of the ocean Monster
-Merfolk and different Scaly Humanoids
-Kraken, significant Squids, and Octopuses
-Nessie: Scotland's Sea Monster famous person
-Mistake or faux: typical Creatures and Hoaxes.

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With its photophores hidden, it could swim virtually invisible in the dark regions it inhabits, then open the flaps to appear in the blink of an eye. It is thought to use the photophores as part of its defense against larger animals, opening and closing them and emitting showers of lighted particles to confuse predators. Luckily for squid enthusiasts, there is no need to hire deep-sea diving equipment for a look at a vampire squid in action. v=q5ZQH2Uzpew. 3 The Giant Pacific Octopus is the largest octopus species.

This shows that large marine beasts must have been appearing with some regularity in the North Atlantic during those war years. Of course, the Atlantic is not the only ocean on the planet. The Pacific, too, has had its share of seafaring monsters and, like the east coast of the United States, claims its own sea serpent hot spots. Monterey Bay’s Old Man of the Sea and Bobo One notable center of activity is Monterey Bay, off central California. Historian Randall A. Reinstedt spent a lifetime studying not only the numerous shipwrecks off this coastline, but reports of unidentified sea creatures as well.

Thomas. Around 1960 the members of the Bangombe tribe managed to spear and kill a mokele m’bembe that had long disrupted their fishing harvest. It was about the size of a large elephant and possessed strong claws on all four feet as well as a “comb” atop its head. Although it took some doing due to the animal’s size, they eventually were able to butcher the creature and serve it as part of a victory party. However, the pygmies told Gibbons Water Animal Planet: Global Legends 33 that every person who partook of the beast’s flesh died.

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