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By V. M. Tuchkevich, Joseph L. Birman (auth.), Joseph L. Birman, Herman Z. Cummins, A. A. Kaplyanskii (eds.)

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57, 965 (1984); 59, 288 (1985). ~ A. P1eshanov, V. V. Shuva1o~ Opt. Spectre ~, 998 (1986). K. E. Asatrian, V. M. Petnikova, V. V. Shuva1o~ Opt. Spectre ~, 123 (1987). V. M. Petnikova, M. A. Kharchenko, V. V. Shuva1ov, Opt. ~, 296 (1987). 39 PICOSECOND LASER STUDIES OF COLLISIONAL EFFECTS ON ROTATIONAL PROCESSES IN LIQUIDS Robin M. Hochstrasser Department of Chemistry University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA 19104-6323 Introduction Recent advances in laser technology are at last making it possible for direct measurements of liquid state phenomena to be carried out on the timescale of the collisions.

Sapega, Sov. Phys. Solid State, 24:2022 (1982). A. Petrou, M. C. Smith, C. H. Perry, J. M. Worlock, J. Warnock and L. L. Aggarwal, Sol. , 55:865 (1985). A. Twardowski and C. Hermann, Phys. , B32-:8253 (1985). Bo. E. Sennelius, Phys. , B34:8696 (1986). G. Fasol, K. Ploog and E. Bauser, Sol. , 54:383 (1985). 23 STATIC AND DYNAMIC COOLING RATE OF PHOTOCREATED PLASMAS IN SEMICONDUCTORS S. E. Kumekov and V. I. F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute USSR Academy of Sciences, 194021 Leningrad The cooling of optically created semiconductor plasmas has been intensely investigated over the past several years (see the References in Ref.

If the heating is small, one may linearize Eqs. (1) and (2) and look for the time dependence of their solutions in the form exp(-At), A-I being the dynamical relaxation time. Then one obtains the following equation for A: (10) Eq. (10) has two real solutions: Al > llE/nJF (fast process) and A2 < Ta- I (slow process). If initially the plasma was heated by a short optical pulse, while the phonons were cool, then the relaxation process consists of two stages. At first fast cooling of plasma and heating of phonons occurs during a short time AI-I, and after that the plasma and phonons together slowly cool down with a characteristic time A2-~.

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