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Chess secrets and techniques is a sequence of books which discover the mysteries of an important points of chess: technique, assault, commencing play and gambits, classical play, endgames and training. In each one publication the writer experiences a few nice avid gamers from chess background who've excelled in a specific box of the sport and who've undeniably encouraged those that have undefined.

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Once more I had good chances of obtaining the GM title, and again I played with the black pieces. And again the game lasted a long time, but this time I put him under pressure, that was in the endgame, as you will see. There was the sweet taste of revenge and ' fiddling ' over the board, as he had done to me. ) Olafsso n -Andersson Reykjavi k 1972 Nimzo-lndian 1 2 d4 c4 C2Jf6 e6 In the first game I played the King 's Indian Defence with 2 . . g6; this time I chose the Nimzo-Indian Defence. Firstly, because I had my memories; secondly, I was inspired by Hiibner, who had played this old system, but in a new form, with success in the Interzonal in Palma de Mallorca 1 970 and Wijk aan Zee (Hoog oven) 1 97 1 .

L::le 3 ! xe4 and it 1s over . More than once Botvinnik has spoiled a game because of time trouble, having played tremendously before. I can mention, for example, a game against Korchnoi, 20th Cham­ pionship of the USSR, where he threw the win away at the 37th move after having played a splendid, probably perfect game. For an all-round player such as he this time trouble Jan Timman 55 problem is rather remarkable; it lo; maybe caused by what he once himself called a certain lack of combinational vision.

For example, the other way to pre­ vent 1 8 tL'lh5 was 1 7 . :�d7, but 1 8 �d3 is in any case forcing Black in an unpleasant direction. 18 tL'lge4 h6 Black has achieved one little success; White has to exchange his dark-squared bishop. d3 tL'lxf6 Black can continue 20 . . ltJeX leaving White with two knight' protecting each other. Although he was not at all sure about i t , his opinion struck me, espe dally because I had been thinking about that during thl· game, but then I rejected 20 tL'lxf6 not wanting Black's dark squared bishop to come into play after 20 .

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