Life and Economy at Early Medieval Flixborough, c. AD by D. H. Evans PDF

By D. H. Evans

Among 1989 and 1991, excavations within the parish of Flixborough, North Lincolnshire, unearthed continues to be of an Anglo-Saxon payment linked to one of many biggest collections of artefacts and animal bones but discovered on any such website. In an remarkable profession series from an Anglo-Saxon rural cost, six major classes of career were pointed out, courting from the 7th to the early 11th centuries; with an extra interval of job, among the 12th and 15th centuries advert. The is still of roughly 40 constructions and different constructions have been exposed; and thanks to the survival of huge refuse deposits, large amounts of artefacts and faunal is still have been encountered in comparison with so much different rural settlements of the interval. quantity 2 includes specified presentation of a few 10,000 recorded unearths, over 6,000 sherds of pottery, and lots of different residues and bulk reveals, illustrated with 213 blocks of figures and sixty seven plates, including dialogue in their significance.It offers the main accomplished, and presently detailed photograph of everyday life on a rural cost of this era in jap England, and is an assemblage of Europe extensive importance to Anglo-Saxon and early medieval archaeologists.

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Scale 1:2. 36 Bone and antler lid and mount. Scale 1:1. 37 Stone hones. Scale 1:2. 38 Stone lamps. Scale 1:2. 39 Stone pedestal-type lamp and ribbed block lamp, and a possible carved chalk vessel.. Scale 1:2. 1 Plough share. Scale 1:4. 2 Quern fragments. Scale 1:4. 3 Lead and lead alloy net and line weights. Scale 1:1. 4 Iron fish hooks. Scale 1:1. 1 Woodworking tools. Scale 1:2. 2 Flixborough hoard: T-shaped axes, weight and blade length. 3 British 9th–10th-century ironwork hoards: approximate numbers of tools and other iron objects, and type of container, if any.

12 Copper alloy tweezers and ear scoop, and an iron fleam. Scale 1:1. 13 Non-ferrous pins by type. 14 Typed non-ferrous pins by type and period. 15 Iron pins by type. 16 All iron pins by period. 17 Bone pins by period. 18 Comparative dimensions of complete pins of Types 1–5. 19 Pin Types 1–3 and shank forms. 20 Pin types 4 and 5 and shank forms. 21 Non-ferrous pin types 1–5 by period. 22 Silver and gilt pins by period. 23 Copper alloy pins of Type 1. Scale 1:1. 24 Copper alloy pins of Type 2. Scale 1:1.

3 Glass vessel fragments and bead. Scale 1:1. 4 Reconstruction drawing of glass bowl. Scale 1:1. 5 Table showing chemical components of Flixborough glasses (EDX analysis of Flixborough glasses, weight percent). 6 Copper alloy vessel patch, drop handle, container mounts, and champlevé-enamelled hanging bowl mount. Scale 1:1. 1 Iron horse equipment, weapons and armour. Scale 1:2. 2 Class I and Class I/II styli in iron and copper alloy. Scale 1:1. 3 Class II and Class IV styli in iron, copper alloy, and silver.

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