New PDF release: London 1980: Phillips and Drew Kings Chess Tournament

By W. R. Hartson, S. Reuben, William Hartston

Phillips & Drew/GLC Kings 1980 was once one of many nice chess occasions. London used to be a wilderness for overseas match chess from 1948-1973. In 1975 there has been the night ordinary London Chess Fortnight. even though those have been advantageous occasions and intensely invaluable to English chess; they can now not be in comparison with the occasions in Hastings and Teesside. particularly the picture from the day-by-day Mail says all of it. the sport among 14 12 months previous Nigel brief and Viktor Korchnoi attracted sizeable curiosity. I had feared there would not be many spectators. How silly! So various teenagers have been employed to refill the corridor. after all they could not see what was once occurring, so that they got here to front so one can have a greater view. Harry Golombek muttered, 'We cannot have a large number like that again.' Leonard Barden stated, 'We'll need to wait one other two decades anyway.'

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Weaknesses appear after a pawn move. For instance if White moves his d-pawn here, it will create a couple of weak squares around (b3, c4, d3 ,e4, f3). Here’s an important thing to note: all these weak squares are on the same color. Which piece can protect the squares of the same color? You guessed it! It’s the bishop. Well, the queen can also get the job done, but the queen can be attacked by opponent’s minor pieces. And come on, the queen is way too powerful to be assigned to such a boring job of guarding a weak square!

That’s why it must be delivered to the place of operation. In contrast to the knight, other pieces can work at a long distance. Take a look at this diagram: 49 The White’s long-range pieces can attack the Black’s king from the 1st rank. Moreover, even if we move White’s pieces forward (Ba1-d4, Qg1-g4) – it will not change much in this particular situation. They still attack on the same directions. An opposite situation happens with the knight. If we place it on the 1st rank – it’ll be totally passive.

Ok, let me remind you that we are still talking about the 1st function of pawn: they are objects for attack. Here are the main CONCLUSIONS: (1) (2) (3) Connected pawns are strong, disconnected pawns are weak While attacking weak pawns, you should trade minor pieces and leave heavy pieces. Your may advance pawns when you have at least equal pieces’ activity with your opponent. 48 Next, we will analyze the 2nd function of pawns: pawns can favor or hamper pieces’ activity. First let’s talk about a very IMPORTANT and popular topic: weak squares.

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