L. Sprague de Camp's Lost continents; the Atlantis theme in history, science, and PDF

By L. Sprague de Camp

A top authority examines the evidence and fancies at the back of the Atlantis subject in historical past, technology, and literature. assets contain the classical works from which Plato drew his thought of the life of an island continent, Sir Thomas More's Utopia, the Lemurian Continent conception, okay. T. Frost's equation of Atlantis with Crete, and plenty of different citations of Atlantis in either recognized and lesser-known literature. comparable legends also are stated and refuted, and studies contain debts of exact expeditions trying to find the sunken continent and makes an attempt to turn out its lifestyles via comparative anatomy and zoology.

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In different countries. If this were so, all savages would have invented the boomerang; all savages would possess pottery, bows and arrows, slings, tents, and canoes. . " Like the diffusionists, Donnelly inferred that, because similar culture-traits among various European peoples can be traced to a common origin, the same was true for similar culture-traits among die peoples of the New and Old Worlds. Then he cited the occurrence on both sides of the Atlantic of pillars, pyramids, burial-mounds, 44 Lost Continents metallurgy, the arts, agriculture, ships, and so on through the whole range of human culture-traits.

This phantom land was kept alive by reports like that of a Captain Nisbet who in 1674 arrived in Scotland with some "castaways" he claimed to have rescued from the Isle of Brazil. He said that the island was inhabited by huge black rabbits and by a magician who had been keeping the castaways captive in his castle until the gallant captain broke the spell that bound them. Alas for romance! there never was any such island. This map of Ortelius also showed the great southern continent—Terra Australis Incognita—which geographers from the time of Claudius Ptolemy had been putting in the southern Indian and South Pacific Oceans.

D. ) Then, 13,000 years ago, the "gas-belts," great caves underlying much of the earth, collapsed, letting Mu and Atlantis sink and making mountains in the other con- 52 Lost Continents tinents. The surviving Muvians, crowded on to the small islands of Polynesia, took to eating each other for want of other nourishment, and not only they but most of the Muvian colonies fell to die level of savages. Like Le Plongeon, Churchward took the Book of Dzyan seriously, though he did not approve of it. " Perhaps he was jealous, though he need not have been.

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