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Well, as far as bandwidth is concerned we should work in the vicinity of c. Why? Because there is a fairly wide range of frequency (from We to Wd) where the phase velocity is just below the beam velocity. The operation at point b would be very narrow band firstly because a small change in frequency results in a much larger change in phase velocity, and secondly because the stop band starts not far above Wb. MICROWAVE TUBES gun electron beam (b) out in (a) I 31 t fI -- 7 I I B slow wave ~"" In Schematic drawing of travelling wave tubes; (a) O-type, (b) M-type I \ A slow wave structure ou.

Remembering that the slope of the curve, dw/dk, gives the group velocity, we may see that there are forward waves (phase and group velocity in the same direction as at points band c on Fig. 17) and backward waves (phase and group velocity in opposite directions as at point a). It is important to remember that the wave packet represents the 'information' carried (a pure sinusoidal wave carries no information whatsoever). Hence the direction and speed of information and energy are also given by the group velocity.

If we put an electron into the contact region, would it be forced to move? Yes, it would. Well, if that potential difference is really there, could we use that metal-metal junction as a battery? It sounds like a cheap, new source of energy. Would it work? The answer is to be supplied by the reader. 4 The band theory of solids The free electron theory was concerned with electrons only. It said nothing about the environment the electrons find themselves in. A piece of solid consists of course of atoms, and if we take into account the effect of atoms upon the electrons we arrive (after pages of mathematics) at the so-called band theory.

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