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16. Q. to K's 2nd. to Kt's 3rd. 17. Q. R. won game. 12. P. to Q's 4th. 13. B. to K's 3rd. B's 3rd. 13. P. takes P. 15. R. to disastrous, for the reply oi with a 10. K. to B's sq. 11. Q. takes B. 10. R. to K's sq. ) 11. B. takes B. 12. P. B. takes P. 9. would have been equally P. takes P. toK'ssq. Ably and vigorously followed up. te'a eventh move : Iji! i Silli :'0~ O 11 WITH ANDERSSEX. 17. P. to 23 K. Kt's 4th. Apprehensive of the advance of the K. B's P. 18. Q. to her sq. 19. Q. R. to K's 3rd.

13. 13. Kt. to Q's 4th. Very well played, for it not oly obviates the capture of the Bishop and the subsequent posting of the King's Knight at B's 5th, but also prevents the advance of the K. B's P. K. 14. to R's sq. if Mr. Morphy considers that he lost the gnme by this move, and that he had played B. to K. B's 3rd instead, the game would have been even. 15. K. R. to K's 15. B. to B's 3rd. sq. following variation will show that Black could not have thrown forward the K. B's P. , The 15. P. to K.

26. P. to Q's 5th. 26. P. takes P. 25. Q. R. to B's sq. R. to K. Kt's sq. P. takes P. Q. to Q's 2nd. If the Pawn had been taken, White might with great advantage have played Q. ) 27. Kt. to B's 4th. 28. B. takes Kt. ) 29. Q. ) 30. R. to R's 3rd. Q. to Q's 4th. 31. 32. R. to Rs 6th. 33. P. to Q's 6th. 34. R. to R's 3rd. If 27. K. to K's 2nd. 28. K. takes B. 29. K. to B's 2nd. 30. R. to Kt's 2nd. 31. K. to Kt's sq. 32. B. to B's sq. 33. R. to K. B's 2nd. Kt. to K's 5th, the reply would have been Q.

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