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By David Weinberger

A boy can get exceptionally careworn whilst he wins $100,000,000 in a country lottery...and cannot inform someone approximately it.

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That was obvious from how he dressed. He didn’t care about money, so long as he had enough to buy a triple shake at the Soda Squirt. Ari didn’t even care about girls – at least until now. So, after pretending to be suddenly fascinated by an oil can on the window of Ari’s garage so that I could keep my head turned away from him as I put on a proper expression, I said calmly, “Oh really? ” Ari sat on his amplifier, his skinny legs swinging in his very wide shorts. “Forever,” he said in a dreamy sort of voice as if he was talking not to me but to the clouds.

Ask if they found a fancy spoon? ” “So? ” “Then I won’t get the credit. Besides, don’t you think they would have noticed if they found a spoon? ” “We could ask to see their spoons,” I said. “Yeah, sure,” Ari said sarcastically. “‘We’re teenage spoon inspectors. ’” “Ok, ok,” I said. We stood silently, our bicycles leaning against us. ” I said. “You could get a job there washing dishes! ” Ari brightened. ” he said enthusiastically. “Oh, no. Drat! How can I get a job there? ” We pondered again. And thus it was that I ended up as the Madagascar’s new dishwashing assistant.

This would have come off as more casual if he hadn’t had to look twice at a scrap of paper he was carrying to remind himself of what he was supposed to say. There followed an exchange I couldn’t make out, but apparently it went well enough because Ari came back and reported that she was going to think about it. The next day, Ari found an envelope in his locker with a picture of the Terwilliger Spoon inside it. And at last I had found a reason to be rich. I rode to the edge of town where there was a shop I had often passed and wondered about: Smithy’s Silver Smith.

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