Needles, Herbs, Gods, and Ghosts: China, Healing, and the by Linda L. Barnes PDF

By Linda L. Barnes

Whilst did the West detect chinese language therapeutic traditions? most folk may possibly aspect to the "rediscovery" of chinese language acupuncture within the Seventies. In Needles, Herbs, Gods, and Ghosts, Linda Barnes leads us again, in its place, to the 13th century to discover the tale of the West's earliest recognized encounters with chinese language understandings of sickness and therapeutic. As Westerners struggled to appreciate new peoples surprising to them, how did they make feel of both unexpected strategies and practices of therapeutic? Barnes lines this tale in the course of the mid-nineteenth century, in either Europe and, ultimately, the USA. She has unearthed various examples of Western missionaries, retailers, diplomats, and physicians in China, Europe, and the US encountering and examining either chinese language humans and their therapeutic practices, and infrequently adopting their very own models of those practices. A clinical anthropologist with a level in comparative faith, Barnes illuminates the way in which structures of drugs, faith, race, and the physique knowledgeable Westerners' realizing of the chinese language and their therapeutic traditions. (20060809)

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Each continuously transformed into the other, the transformation encompassing every kind of change, including the human body. Where qi circulated, life flourished; where it stagnated, sickness arose. 6 These channels could be palpated at different points, facilitating assessment of the flow of qi in the larger system. Another conceptual system, associated with physician Zou Yan (ca. 350–270 bce), entailed five processes, sometimes mistakenly translated as “elements”—wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

His account was translated into Italian in 1565, and into English in 1577 as History of Travale in the West and East Indies. ” Another group of authors included physicians, although none during this period actually entered China. China missions and missionary narratives were set against the backdrop of the Protestant Reformation and Catholic Counter-Reformation. The Thirty Years’ War started in 1618, engulfing Europe and intensifying the imperative to spread partisan religious perspectives. Anti-Catholic sentiment was equally extreme in some British colonies.

The Lady Cota recovered sufficiently for William and two Nestorians to visit. Venerating the cross, she drank more of the holy-water-rhubarb medicine, placing some on her chest. William read the Gospel of John over her, applying the therapeutic power of the word. Möngke, hearing of his wife’s improvement, summoned the priests. They found him inspecting a sheep’s blackened scapulae. “He took the cross in his hand,” wrote William, “but I did not see him kiss it or adore it; instead he looked at it wondering I know not what” (Dawson 1955, 165–169).

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