Alan Miller (auth.), Robert W. Eason, Alan Miller (eds.)'s Nonlinear Optics in Signal Processing PDF

By Alan Miller (auth.), Robert W. Eason, Alan Miller (eds.)

Nonlinear Optics in sign Processing covers the purposes of nonlinear optics to optical processing in a variety of components together with switching, computing, and telecommunications.

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Pulses can be further compressed very conveniently by exploiting optical nonlinearities in optical fibres after leaving the laser cavity (Chapter 10). 3. Against these advantages, we have to accept or overcome a number of problems and limitations. The largest hurdle for the implementation of optics in information processing systems is probably the phenomenal success of electronics and computing over the past few decades. It is difficult to introduce a new technology into another which is still advancing so quickly.

1) is based, as already C-______ M_O_L_E_C_U_L_A_R_P_R_O_P_E_R_T_I_ES_ _ _ _ _ _ _ ~I described, on a model of anharmonic local potentials for electron motion, and relates to an 'intrinsic' nonlinearity which will be present to a greater or lesser extent at all wavelengths. The origin of the nonlinear refractive index n2 in semiconductors lies in more complex excitation and relaxational processes involving the absorption of light within the tail of the absorption band (Wherrett and Smith, 1985).

Centro symmetric crystals can be included and phase matching can be more readily accomplished even in isotropic materials. Four-wave mixing processes can be readily phase matched by suitable choice of propagation directions. The optical Kerr effect, stimulated Raman and Brillouin scattering and twophoton absorption are automatically phase matched irrespective of the material dispersion. For nonresonant optical nonlinearities, third-order coefficients are in general smaller than those of second order; however, resonance can provide greatly enhanced interactions.

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