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By Yutaka Toyozawa

Mild (electromagnetic radiation) is the main robust device for probing the quantum mechanical motions of electrons and nuclei inside molecules and condensed subject. during this publication the writer describes the rules of such spectroscopic research with the aid of illustrative comparability among idea and experimental reports.

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2 Quantum mechanics of a harmonic oscillator 17 Hereafter n will be called the number operator since its eigenvalues η are nonnegative integers. One also finds from eq. 10), that bψ0 = 0. 14) While eq. 15) except for the normalization constant c, as is confirmed as follows: nψη ≡ b† b b† ψη = b† (b† b + 1)ψη = b† (η + 1)ψη = (η + 1)ψη . 15) one obtains the normalized eigenfunction: ψη+1 = (η + 1)−1/2 b† ψη . )−1/2 (b† )η ψ0 (η = 0, 1, 2, . ). 19) namely, as the scalar product of two complex vectors whose ηth components are cη and cη , respectively.

1). 7) ei2 /2m i A(r i )2 . 8) In the above we have made use of eqs. 9) which is valid because of the transverse nature of the electromagnetic waves. 10) j(r ) exp(ik · r )dr . 9)). 7) contains annihilation and creation operators bλ and bλ of a photon (see the statement after eq. 5. 8), which is quadratic in bλ and bλ , contributes, in its first-order perturbation, to two-photon processes such as light scattering, together with the second-order perturbation of HI(1) . 4 First-order optical processes: absorption and emission of photon Let us denote the eigenenergy and eigenstate of the matter by E a and |a , respectively, and those of the radiation field by E (.

6 Oscillator strength and the sum rule 39 Finally we relate the rate of spontaneous emission, A, to the oscillator strength, f , of the transition. As a typical case, consider an atom in which an electron makes a transition from a p-like excited state to an s-like ground state by emitting a photon of energy E = hω into a vacuum spontaneously. 438 × 107 s−1 E(eV)2 f, which will be useful for an order of magnitude estimation. 7) 4 Electronic vs. 1 Born–Oppenheimer approximation Molecules and condensed matter consist of electrons and nuclei, the latter being ten thousands times heavier and hence moving much more slowly than the former.

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